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Ahoy Vancouver Ocean Lovers: 
Here is what's "in the wind"; coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Community Centre, for July 31, 2019 and beyond:
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Tonight & Saturday:
Celebration of Light Fireworks over English Bay
The annual Celebration of Light fireworks competition continues tonight and this Saturday over English Bay. If fireworks turn you on, "Celebration" is a perfect accent to three Vancouver mid-summer night eves right in the sweet spot of summer. The fireworks are best viewed from English Bay Beach. Kits Beach offers a next best view with Jericho accommodating the cheap seats - distant view but easier parking and disembarking when the show ends. Seating at the Jericho Patio and Grill is tough to find after 2030H. The rooftop deck will be open to members & their accompanying guests (60 maximum) with security in place to enforce no alcohol or smoking. Remaining show dates are July 31 and August 3; Start time 2200H.
For more information on the Celebration of Light fire up their website at:
SAFETY NOTICE: CoL Fireworks = Extreme Marine Hazard
One of the most dangerous situations for operators of small water craft in Vancouver occurs at the conclusion of each Celebration of Light fireworks show. Hundreds of powerboats are hastily heading for home in all different directions and the sea surface is filled with crossing boat chop on waves. Lights from boats and downtown reflect everywhere and a kayak, canoe, rowboat or other small vessel is almost impossible to see, even if the power vessel Skipper hasn't been drinking, and in some cases, he has.
The Jericho Sailing Centre Association advises our members and other small, naturally powered craft users to not put themselves in this vulnerable position. If you choose to be out there, please ensure you are displaying the proper navigational lights and remember that the Coast Guard and other safety boats will have their hands full and may not even be able to locate your craft within the boating frenzy if you need them. Also remember, that you the Skipper, as always, are solely responsible for your safety and that of your crew. 
Maiden in Vancouver: Public Viewing Saturday, August 3
Maiden cruises past Jericho last Saturday with Theresa on the foredeck escorted by Jericho Rescue Titan and cheered by people on the Jericho Pier

Jericho Rescue Team member, Theresa Riedl completed her journey from Honolulu to Vancouver aboard the all female crewed "Maiden" last Saturday morning. A brisk 20 knot breeze kept many well wishers on the Jericho Pier rather than in the planned flotilla of welcoming boats, but the Jericho Sailing Centre and her Jericho Rescue Teammates were a welcoming sight at the end of Theresa's 16 day ocean crossing.   
Maiden made history as the first all female crewed boat to compete in the Whitbread Round The World sailing race in 1989/90, finishing second. Maiden is currently on another round the world sailing campaign to raise awareness of women in sailing as well as womens' empowerment and education. Theresa was chosen as a crew member for the Vancouver leg of the tour.  
Maiden is in Vancouver for the next few days before she sails on to Seattle. An  
official welcoming ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 3rd at the St. Roch Dock in North Vancouver from 1100H-1200H with a public viewing of the vessel to follow from Noon-1600H. Everyone welcome!  
Several members have been to see the Maiden movie which is currently playing in Vancouver at the Cineplex Odeon International Village. Word is that it is the best sailing movie some have ever seen.
Check out the Maiden movie trailer:  

Send us Your Jericho Photos
We're always on the lookout for photos to share in our newsletter, website and social media.
Thanks to Paul Watson for sending us this summer sunset  photo taken by his wife Zelda.
Thanks to Julian Hannabuss who sent us this weeks cover photo of a Tasar competing during Ladies Skipper's Night in our Tuesday Nite Racing series. Out of 9 Tasars racing that evening, 7 were helmed by ladies. Check out Julian's full photo gallery of that evening:  
BC Day Weekend - "Be Sea" Day @ Jericho Sailing Centre
There is something distinctive about life here on the left coast of Canada, in this province of British Columbia, that easily inspires people to follow their noses down along the salt scented Pacific air beach path, to mess around in boats at the liquidy source of all life- it is our very essence.
It's not something that started in this generation or the last, or even in the time since British Columbia first boarded the good ship Canada in 1871. As long as people have lived near these sand swept, rock reinforced Pacific Ocean shorelines they have felt an intimate connection with the sea and nowhere is this more apparent today than at the Jericho Sailing Centre.

From the relatively landlocked hub bubs of Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian population centers it's hard for non-Pacific inhabitants of our country to imagine we BC left "Coasters" without sandals, surf shorts, super shades, sunscreen, sun tanned skin and hair blowing in the wind, well bent on a good time at the beach. (Perhaps the leading catalyst for Easterners who jump ship west). On BC Day the beach is where many of us will simply "be".

If the weather fits the long range forecast for our provincial holiday (and for the real Jericho junkies even if it doesn't), the waves of English Bay will be streaked with the wakes of a thousand tiny ship trips launched from Jericho Beach out of Vancouver's low cost ocean community centre. The kayak, rowboat, sailing dinghy, windsurfer, stand-up paddleboard, skim board, or other naturally powered craft you command could be among that holiday flotilla.

This Monday make plans to exercise your "Be Sea" essence. Live it up to the beat of the provincial motto "Splendor without Diminishment", throw on your surf shorts and sandals, slap on some sunscreen and your shades, turn your back to the east with a great big smile and come celebrate BC Day at the Jericho Sailing Centre.
Jericho Wavechaser Paddle Series Racing This Thursday Aug 1
                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Dale Rollings
The Jericho WaveChaser Paddle Series continues on Thursday, August 1. Tune in to for series details as they emerge.  

Vancouver SUP Challenge Coming to Jericho Sailing Centre  August 10
Vancouver's biggest & best Stand Up Paddleboard race is coming back to the Jericho Sailing Centre on Saturday, August 10.  
For more information and to register, stand tall and paddle over to: 
2019 Vancouver SUP Challenge
Sunrise Paddle                               Wednesdays in July & August
Get a refreshing start to your day with an early morning workout! A program designed for proficient paddlers, the Sunrise Paddle Club hosted by Windsure offers a zen experience in a safe, community setting. Our veteran instructor and program leader Patryk will share tips and tricks to optimize your paddle experience. Includes board, paddle, PDF, and optional wetsuits.
When? Every Wednesday in July & August 6:30-7:30AM, arrive early to prepare equipment
Where? Leaving from the Windsure Beach Hut
How? $15 single drop-in or $50 four session paddle pass
For more information, please call 604-224-0615 or email

SAFETY NOTICE: Bee Aware Wasps May Be Nesting In Your Boat!
Around this time every summer the JSCA receives reports of wasps nesting under boat covers or even within our members boats. In one case our member had no idea his boat was infested until after his sailing session when he took his hull plug out and was confronted with an angry cloud of seasick wasps. Quite a buzz. Bee alert and make it part of your regular pre-launch check. If you discover a nest in your boat or see a stream of wasps coming and going from your neighbouring craft please let our office crew know and we'll send our "wasp whisperers" out to tame them so that no one gets hurt.
NO SWIMMING @ Jericho Sailing Centre
For the past 45 years this has been Vancouver's only public beach designated for the launch of small, naturally powered craft: sailing dinghies, rowboats, windsurfers, canoes, kayaks, etc., and swimming is strictly prohibited. 
Vancouver has some of the best swimming beaches of any city in the world, however, the stretch of Jericho Beach in front of the Jericho Sailing Centre is NOT one of them.
Vines Art Festival Opening Ceremony
Free Event Featuring Raven Spirit Dance, Dallanah Gail Bowen, Tyler Jacobs and young Matriarchs from Squamish - Senaqwila Wyss, Musqueam - Christie Lee Charles and Tsliel Waututh - Ocean Hyland
August 7th at 630 PM
The event will begin near the Jericho Beach Concession Stand
Beach Notice - Launch Dollies
Please be considerate of your fellow users of the Jericho Sailing Centre by returning launch dollies to the inside of the fence.
Agony of de Feet
We'd like to remind people to wear footwear in and around the Jericho Sailing Centre. Although it is tempting to go barefoot at the beach foot injuries are quite common from natural objects: barnacle bites, broken shells, sharp rocks. There are also plenty of foreign objects such as sharp bits of metal, fibreglass or broken glass.
Efficient Launch Ramp Use

Please be considerate of your fellow users of the Jericho Sailing Centre. Our launch ramps are not for rigging, boat polishing, applying sunscreen, parking bikes, sitting, eating lunch or boat/trailer maintenance. They are for launching and retrieval only. Don't move onto the ramp until you are actually ready to launch/retrieve your boat. Your efficient use of the launch ramps will be most appreciated by those waiting in line.
Jericho Affiliate Club Sign-up Season
One of the best ways to enjoy recreational ocean access on Vancouver's largest playground is to join one of the community based clubs based out of the Jericho Sailing Centre. These low cost, not for profit, volunteer driven organizations provide a wide variety of boat access and training programs for dinghy sailing, paddling, windsurfing, SUP and rowing programs as well as social opportunities. Clubs looking for new crew include:
Discovery Sailing Club -
Companionway Sailing Club -
Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club -
For more info. on all JSCA Affiliated Clubs surf over to
Summer Sail Racing @ Jericho                               
Sunday Racing - 1230H Every non-regatta Sunday through September 1

Tuesday Nite Racing - 1815H every Tuesday through September 3

2019 Jericho Sailing Centre Event Schedule

The 2019 event schedule is on our website Google Calendar at:   

August Service Hours @ Jericho

The Jericho Galley Patio and Grill will be open 0930H-Sunset on weekends, weather permitting.


The JSCA Office will be open everyday 0930-2100H through August 13; then 0930-2030H through August 27.  

SAFETY is Your Responsibility
On the ocean there are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the ocean always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe ocean experience. 
It is every member's responsibility to know and observe the rules of the road when on or near the water. Here are some key rules which every Jericho member must know and practice.

1. Always wear your P.F.D. on the water.
2. Sail powered craft have the right of way over power craft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
3. All non-commercial vessels shall keep well clear of commercial vessels.
4. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pass between a tug and it's tow.
5. A port tack sailing vessel shall keep clear of a starboard tack vessel.
6. A windward vessel shall keep clear of a leeward vessel.
7. A vessel clear astern shall keep clear of a vessel ahead.
8. Any vessel overtaking another shall keep clear.
9. A vessel tacking or gybing shall keep clear of a vessel on a tack.
10.The area south of the orange can buoys is for training or transiting only.
11.Swimming or wading on the beach in front of the Centre is prohibited and is particularly dangerous for small children.
12.It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
13. Stay well clear of the end of the Jericho Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible
14. Be cautious of pathway traffic when launching/retrieving
15. Do not leave your craft on the shoreline for extended periods of time
Common sense goes a long way toward maintaining a safe environment. Membership in the Jericho Sailing Centre Association is contingent on members knowing and observing the Safe Ocean Sailing rules. 
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