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Ahoy Vancouver Ocean Lovers: 
Here is what's "in the wind"; coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Community Centre, for June 7, 2017 and beyond:
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World Oceans Day                                       Thursday June 8

World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day is a time to remember we are all connected to the oceans no matter where we live, no matter how far from the coast. Fisheries and Oceans Canada, along with other organizations from across the globe, seeks to raise awareness of the benefits and value of our oceans and the current challenges they face. Celebrate the life-giving role of oceans and take part in stewardship events and activities in your community from coast to coast to coast.
This year's theme is "Our Oceans: Our Future" with a focus on reducing plastic waste that can harmfully affect the many different species that call our oceans home.
The Government of Canada proposed the concept of World Oceans Day at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the day has been celebrated internationally ever since. As of 2009, June 8 has been officially declared by the United Nations as "World Oceans Day".

World Oceans Day                                       Thursday June 8

Users of the Jericho Sailing Centre celebrate the ocean everyday in our own unique way on Vancouver's little section of the Salish Sea. On June 8 we join the rest of the world in celebrating World Oceans Day mindful of the fact that the Salish Sea is connected to the rest of the oceanic world and the sea is as oblivious to territorial waters as the wind is to international borders - it's all connected, let's take care of it.
Jericho Wavechaser Paddle Series             Thursday June 8

The Jericho Wavechaser is a 9 race series running every second Thursday from May 11 to Aug 31 off the beaches at the Jericho Sailing Centre.  The races are open to all level of paddlers in outrigger, SUP, surfski, and kayak.  This is our 4th season, and we're growing each year!
Courses vary depending on conditions, each race night has a short and a long course.  Race entry is just $5, and for Jericho Sailing Centre members it's free!  Post race nosh and beverages upstairs at The Galley Patio & Grill where racers will receive a 10% discount on race night, catch the sunset from the best patio in the city!

We've got great sponsors providing all kinds of swag and prizes.  We're stoked to have Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres on board to help run the races this year, and check out our sponsor page to see what else we've got in store!  Draw prizes will be awarded after every race.  Top 3 racers in every category will accumulate points (3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd) with a Wavechaser Trophy awarded to the top male and female point getters at the end of the series.

PFD's and leashes are mandatory!  Paddlers racing without these vital pieces of safety gear will get an automatic DQ, no exceptions!  Safety leashes, PFD's, SUP's and wetsuits are all available to rent from the Windsure concession here at the Jericho Sailing Centre.

Thanks to Wavechaser organizer Estelle Matheson for these great photos from Wavechaser #2 on May 25. For more photos from that epic event evening check out the Wavechaser gallery at:

For more info on the Wavechaser Paddle Series stroke over to:

Beach Clean-up                                                             June 10
In just over a week this beach space will once again be covered with paddlers and boats for the annual MEC Paddlefest. There are still some remnants of the old wharf present on the beach at lower tide levels so we are inviting everyone, and particulary Vancouver's paddling community, to participate in a shoreline clean-up this Saturday, June 10 between Noon-1400H. The JSCA will provide tools, gloves and water; please bring footwear suitable for frolicking around in barnacle infested mucky-muck. Sea you there! 
MEC Paddlefest                                                              June 17
Find out more at:  
MEC Paddlefest  -  Volunteers Wanted!                     June 17
We are looking for current JSCA members to crew an information table at MEC Paddlefest on Saturday, June 17 from 1000H-1500H. There will be many paddlers and prospective paddlers at Paddlefest who are interested in all the facilities, programs and services that the Jericho Sailing Centre offers to the paddling community. Want to share your Jericho community spirit with others?  Please reply via email.     
Jericho Catamaran Classic                                                            June 17 & 18
Only 10 more sleeps until the annual Jericho Catamaran Classic and already our feline crews are getting itchy to scratch the surface of the Salish Sea off the shores of Jericho Beach. For more info. purr over to:

Jericho Cat Classic NOR 
English Bay Safety Seminar                         Next 1 June 19
The English Bay Safety Seminar was developed for users of the Jericho Sailing Centre to help keep them safe at play on the waters of English Bay. The seminar covers basic water safety fundamentals along with user specific information drawn from the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team who have intervened in thousands of potential "sea disasters" over the past 43 years.
Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Don't challenge Darwin's theory, make sure your water safety knowledge is the fittest it can be. Your survival may well depend upon it. Find the missing links and fill in the gaps in your water safety knowledge by attending a FREE English Bay Safety Seminar June 19, July 17 or August 14. All times at 1900H RSVP JSCA office.

Viking Sailing Club 50th Anniversary Gala!
Join us for our 50th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Jericho Sailing Centre as we celebrate our legacy as one of the oldest sailing co-operatives in BC. We will kick-off the evening with opening remarks from City of Vancouver Councillors Andrea Reimer, Raymond Louie and Parks Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung, followed by  our Commodore, Petra Hoerrmann. Speeches will be followed by a champagne toast and the opening of our 25 year old time capsule.
Tickets to our Gala include a catered dinner, a live band, the chance to win fabulous door prizes, and prizes for the winners of our respective contests for
Barbarian Beard and Shield Maiden's Arm Wrestling Match Champions!
The Viking 50th Anniversary Gala will take place in the Burrard Room, upstairs at the Jericho Sailing Centre, starting at 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Tickets can be purchased on the Viking Sailing Club website. We look forward to seeing you there! 
For the past 43 years this has been Vancouver's only public beach designated for the launch of small, naturally powered craft: sailing dinghies, rowboats, windsurfers, canoes, kayaks, etc., and swimming is strictly prohibited. 
Vancouver has some of the best swimming beaches of any city in the world, however, the stretch of Jericho Beach in front of the Jericho Sailing Centre is NOT one of them.
Weekly Jericho Racing Series
Tuesday Nite Racing
Every Tuesday evening from now - September 5 
First start 1815H

Sunday Racing 
Every non-regatta Sunday from now - September 17
First start 1230H

Sunday Racing this weekend.

For Jericho Racing Sailing Instructions cruise over to:

For a complete event schedule barge over to:

Register for Jericho Racing online at 

Jericho Folk Club Tuesday Evenings

The Jericho Folk Club presents  
Bruce Coughlan    
on June 13

Bruce Coughlan has made music his life since his early teens when he began busking on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.  Throughout the 40 years that followed, Bruce has earned his livelihood & reputation entirely as a performer, writer, musician and singer, from coffee houses to concert halls & festivals throughout North America & the United Kingdom.

To listen to a sample of what we might expect go to

Doors open 7:15 with a Fiddle Tunes Session
Open stage 8ish followed by another session
Feature Act 9ish
Launch Dollies
Please be considerate of your fellow members and responsible with our community equipment. This dolly was left on the ramp and was about to be claimed by the rising tide when we discovered it last Monday evening. Dollies must be returned to the fence immediately after use. No dollies, including private dollies should be left on the beach or across the pathway in front of the centre. For a complete list of Jericho Etiquette please see the bottom of this page. 
Wetsuit Recycling Bin  @ Jericho
Are you planning on replacing your old wetsuit for a new one? If so, don't send it to the landfill. Our new Administrative Assistant, avid sailor and determined recyclist, Maya Tatuch has found a place that recycles old wetsuits into new yoga mats. Just drop your old wetsuit into our onsite bin and smile, knowing it will be recycled. For more info on neoprene yoga mats stretch over to:
Join a Jericho Affiliated Club 
One of the best ways to enjoy recreational ocean access on Vancouver's largest playground is to join one of the community based clubs based out of the Jericho Sailing Centre. These low cost, not for profit, volunteer driven organizations provide a wide variety of boat access and training programs for dinghy sailing, paddling, windsurfing, SUP and rowing programs as well as social opportunities. Clubs looking for new crew include:

Discovery Sailing Club -
Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club -
Companionway Sailing Club -    

For more info. on all JSCA Affiliated Clubs surf over to

Register for a Jericho School Program

Flocks of new dinghy sailors, windsurfers, paddlers and rowers will take to ocean this spring through Jericho Sailing Centre's affiliated schools:

2017 Jericho Sailing Centre Event Schedule

The 2017 event schedule is on our website Google Calendar at:


June Service Hours @ Jericho

The Jericho Galley Patio and Grill will be open 0900H-Sunset on weekends, weather permitting.


The JSCA Office will be open everyday 0930-2100H.  


SAFETY is Your Responsibility
On the ocean there are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the ocean always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe ocean experience. 
It is every member's responsibility to know and observe the rules of the road when on or near the water. Here are some key rules which every Jericho member must know and practice.

1. Always wear your P.F.D. on the water.
2. Sail powered craft have the right of way over power craft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
3. All non-commercial vessels shall keep well clear of commercial vessels.
4. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pass between a tug and it's tow.
5. A port tack sailing vessel shall keep clear of a starboard tack vessel.
6. A windward vessel shall keep clear of a leeward vessel.
7. A vessel clear astern shall keep clear of a vessel ahead.
8. Any vessel overtaking another shall keep clear.
9. A vessel tacking or gybing shall keep clear of a vessel on a tack.
10.The area south of the orange can buoys is for training or transiting only.
11.Swimming or wading on the beach in front of the Centre is prohibited and is particularly dangerous for small children.
12.It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
13. Stay well clear of the end of the Jericho Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible
14. Be cautious of pathway traffic when launching/retrieving
15. Do not leave your craft on the shoreline for extended periods of time
Common sense goes a long way toward maintaining a safe environment. Membership in the Jericho Sailing Centre Association is contingent on members knowing and observing the Safe Ocean Sailing rules. 
Jericho Sailing Centre Etiquette
Common sense and consideration of fellow members help make the Jericho Sailing Centre a true community centre with a friendly salt water community atmosphere. Here are a few etiquette reminders to keep things sailing along smoothly:
  • Do not leave your craft unattended on the shoreline for extended periods - share the shore.                     
  • RAMPS, and the areas adjacent to launching ramps, are for craft launch/retrieval only. Do not rig, repair or otherwise loiter in this area.
  • Do not leave or rig your craft in the rinsing areas adjacent to hosing stations. 
  • The Jericho Sailing Centre is a SMOKE/VAPE FREE facility. There is No Smoking/Vaping permitted in any Vancouver Park or beach area.
  • Give pathway users the right of way and bear in mind they may be distracted and not aware that you are crossing the pathway with your craft or launch rope.
  • launch dollies are for launching/retrieval only (not for storage) and must be returned to the fence immediately after use.
  • if you launch from your own dolly or trailer return it to your storage spot after launching.
  • do not use the winches unless you are familiar with their safe operation. Winch instruction is available from staff or Jericho Rescue Team members. Only members or registered guests may use winches & dollies.
  • only leashed, well behaved, non-barking/whining dogs are allowed in the compound, no dogs are allowed in the building or on the deck. Do not tie dogs to the base of stairwells or in other traffic areas. Do not leave your dog onshore while you are on the water. The City prohibits dogs on beaches. In consideration of other Jericho users please consider leaving your dog at home while visiting the Jericho Sailing Centre.
  • Please coil hoses immediately after use and conserve water.
  • Do not block aisle ways.
  • Rinse racks are for rinsing not drying.
  • Swimming is prohibited in front of the Jericho Sailing Centre.

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