Jericho Sailing Centre Association                             July 11, 2012

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Ahoy Vancouver Ocean Lovers  
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for July 11, 2012 and beyond: 
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Kits CCG Station Closure
Apology to the RCM-SAR
RCM-SAR Introduction
Thursday Nite Paddling
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Bailiff Auction THIS SATURDAY  

The annual JSCA Bailiff Auction is this Saturday, July 14 at Noon. Here is a list of items which are going to auction.  



1.            BIC Sailboard with 2 sails, 4.9 & 4.7 and 2 Booms - DONATED

2.            Rotomolded - Necky single Kayak - Yellow

3.            Skipper 14, mast and boom, no sails, in rough condition

4.            Invitation sailing dinghy with mast,boom,centreboard and rudder no sails

5.            Taser sail in sailbag - DONATED

6.            Hobie 16 on road trailer, complete with sails, boom,sheets etc.

7.            Albacore, hull only - DONATED

8.            Necky Looksha IV single w rotomolded kayak

9.            Eclipse Sealion single kayak, blue

10.          Laser I no sail, no boom, no mast, HULL ONLY

11.          Laser I no sail, no boom, no mast, HULL ONLY

12.          Hobie 16, no sail, boom, or rudders

13.          Misc. windsurfing sails, booms and board 

Recycled Hippie Alert - Jericho Beach Park Celebrates it's Roots
Vancouver Folk Music Festival @ Jericho THIS WEEKEND

Parking at the Jericho Sailing Centre this weekend will be as rare as deodorant on a hippie. If you don't dock your land yacht in the usual stall before 1600H Friday, or 0900H on Saturday and Sunday, you may as well hitchhike a magic carpet ride in a rusty old, eight track equipped, flower child laden, VW van with a groovy paisley paint job and have them drop you off in the vigorously defended Jericho Sailing Centre Loading Zone. The annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival is flocking back to Jericho Beach Park.

Not long after the formation of Jericho Park in the early nineteen seventies the first Vancouver Folk Music Festival here featured full on flower power, love beads, incense and peace: it was a celebration of freedom, political activism, and a love revolution fueled by cannabis, marked by random sporadic bare foot dancing, arts & crafts and, oh yeah, music- a mountain filled vista of mind mending mystical music to back up all that free speech in a magical Vancouver "Summer of Love"-it was a major "Be In". If you visit this year's Vancouver Folk Music Festival you'll notice not much has changed.

If the wind blows from the west, other than the "up tight" parking situation, Jericho Sailing Centre users won't notice anything unusual this weekend except for some interesting retro hippie fashions and a few more strangers than usual bathing in our washroom basins and drinking water out of our hoses. If the wind blows out of the east it will carry a potpourri of disjointed sound permeating from 5 stages of bongo laced alternative music and the accompanying supporting aromas to sustain your psychedelic sailing weekend.

In a public park nobody, including the JSCA, gets reserved parking. The only thing we are able to do is make our users aware, advise them to arrive early or use alternative methods of transportation and have vehicles which park in the loading zone efficiently serviced by Buster's valet parking. From there, we just have to hang loose and go with the flow.

Non-conformists, alternative lifestylers driving "road less traveled" ideologies, ever more liberal thinkers further pushing social envelopes, surfers on waves of new consciousness - did today's users of Jericho Park evolve from 1970's hippies? There's certainly a good chance this weekends users did and if you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em. What could be so bad about a little more peace, love and happiness in your world?

For info on the 2012 Vancouver Folk Music Festival trip over to  

Kits Coast Guard Station Closure        
BC's Conservative MP's Feeling the Heat From Ottawa's Decision


Local Conservative MP's are getting a lot of heat from their constituents regarding coast guard cuts in British Columbia.


Last Thursday, JSCA Safety Chair, Mark Daigle and I met with BC ranking Conservative Member of Parliament, James Moore to voice our strong concerns regarding the proposed closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station. 


Mr. Moore told us that he has been following this situation very closely and I believe he has a very good understanding of the significance of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station as the anchor of Vancouver's marine safety network.


He is aware that a public safety cut of $900,000 that results in loss of life is not the most "fiscally responsible" decision his government can make in view of other Conservative spending priorities. ($28 million to commemorate the War of 1812).


Having said that, Mr. Moore and his local Conservative Colleagues must publicly toe the Party line and support the decision.


It is our hope that all BC Conservative MP's recognize this grossly negligent and incompetent decision and find a way to convince Fisheries & Oceans Minister, Keith Ashfield, that saving Canadian lives is a priority and that he must reverse his decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station BEFORE lives are lost.

You can help keep the heat on by contacting local Conservative MP's to share your opinion.  

James Moore           Port Moody/Poco                         


Randy Kamp            Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge           


Andrew Saxton         North Vancouver                          


Alice Wong               Richmond                                     


John Weston,            West Vancouver/Sunshine Coast 


Wai Young                 Vancouver South                          


Mark Strahl                Chilliwack                                     


Kerry Lynne Findlay   Delta                                             


Mark Warawa             Langley                                     


Russ Hiebert              S Surrey/ Cloverdale                  


Ed Fast                       Abbotsford                                   


Nina Grewal                Fleetwood/ Port Kells                 

Rewind - MEC Paddlefest  

Almost 3,000 people came to Jericho Beach last Saturday, July 7 to celebrate the paddle at Mountain Equipment Coop Paddlefest 2012.  As usual, our friends at the Georgia Straight had the event very well covered. Check out their article at  




Subaru Vancouver Triathlon   

A record 747 competitors competed in the 2012 Subaru Vancouver Triathlon swim very early last Sunday morning. Thank you to Jericho Rescue Team volunteer members Anton Pitts, Mark Daigle, Benoit Sonrel and Kyle Kotowick for answering the 0500H callout time. The Jericho Rescue Team, including Assistant GM Andrei Bredin, worked in concert with a great crew of Vancouver Beach Lifeguards including the Oceanman himself, Gary Parsons, shown here on his Rescue SUP.







Send Us Your Pics    

Thanks to longtime JSCA member, awesome Disabled Sailing Association and Discovery Sailing Club volunteer, Ken Christie  for providing us these photos and the cover shot of a pod of Orca whales frolicking in the water off Jericho Beach. 









An Apology to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (RCM-SAR)   
In the June 30 edition of "in the wind", in countering misinformation published on the Canadian Coast Guard website about the closure of the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, we published information from an outside source that inadvertently included inaccurate and disparaging remarks which were offensive to our friends in the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (now doing business as the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue). To the RCM-SAR and all of it's members we extend our sincerest apology.

In hopes of promoting a better understanding of the RCM-SAR and their role as a part of Vancouver's marine safety network we encourage people to read the following article
Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue     

Overview of operations

In light of recent events with Coast Guard cuts, we thought it appropriate to research and report upon The Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) so that our members can better understand what it is these crews provide. RCM-SAR has 46 stations in BC covering off almost 29,000km of coastline in conjunction with the Canadian Coast Guard and other agencies.   They conduct in excess of 800 rescues per year with 1,000+ volunteers who are on call 24/7 365 days a year.

Station call volume ranges between 10 to 100 calls per year and the majority of these are done unassisted. In the last 20 years, they have developed a very high level of training, a world first small rescue vessel simulator, and advanced vessels.

Crews come from varying backgrounds but all demonstrate a strong commitment to training, professionalism, and emergency response. Crews live by the motto, "Volunteer Marine Rescue Crews, Unpaid Professionals".

They have 5 stations in the lower mainland area and another 7 within 35 nautical miles of English Bay. The three closest stations are based in West Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay), North Vancouver (Deep Cove), and Richmond (Middle Arm). The Horseshoe Bay Station is 10 miles from the Jericho Sailing Centre. The crews are subject to the same operating standard as Coast Guard Lifeboat stations whereby the boats need to be underway in maximum time of 30 minutes. In reality, the two North Shore stations have an average response time of 15 minutes (page out to depart dock) when responding from home or work and only 8 minutes for all calls as crews are often already on the water training or at special events when tasked.

Types of RCM-SAR Vessels

RCM-SAR stations today utilize a dedicated response vessel model with purpose built fast rescue craft whereas 20 years ago they would have mainly used pleasure or commercial vessels. Thanks to fundraising they have built up a very capable and reliable fleet in a short period of time.

They now have a relatively modern fleet of fast response vessels with boats operating in the Vancouver area summarized as follows.




7 to 8 metre Aluminum Construction, Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) with twin outboard power either in a Delta Console or T-Top configuration. These vessels are the work horse of the fleet and very much resemble the standard small rescue boat used worldwide (including the Canadian Coast Guard).


Cabin RHIB

7 to 8 metre Aluminum Construction, Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) with twin outboard power. Similar to above vessels but with small cabin configuration. These vessels provide benefits of the RHIB configuration with added benefit of longer on water service ability and patient comfort due to cabin availability.


Falkins Class - All Weather Lifeboat

This is a 10 metre aluminum hull, full cabin, roll over capable vessel.   It is powered by twin diesel engines with jet propulsion with shock mitigating seating for four crew. It has a forward compartment for victim transport as well as the ability to carry a patient on stretcher. It has a top speed of 40 knots and has been built to the highest standards possible for this size of vessel.

See further discussion of this vessel below.


Type 1

As per notes below, this class of vessel has just finished the design phase and will soon enter construction. It is a 8 metre RHIB with twin outboard engines and world leading shock mitigating platform designed to replace are aging RHIB's noted above.



The organization has always been very proactive in looking around the world and identifying the best practices for training, tasking, equipment and vessel design. As part of this philosophy, they soon learned that the best organizations around the world were using specialty designed and standardized fleets for their boats. They started a mission three years ago to develop standardized classes of vessels which would then serve as the basis of the fleet. To design the vessels, they looked to partners around the world to assist and came up with a design incorporating the best practices for hull designs, engines, propulsion, cabin designs, etc. They are at the early stages of a fleet renewal program whereby all of the vessels will be eventually replaced with a standard class of vessel which is consistent with the best practices for marine rescue organizations around the world.

Falkins Class Vessel (Type 2)

As a result of the above work, the Falkins Class vessel was designed and the first vessel launched in 2010. Since then, they have launched four more of these vessels with plans for 5 further boats over the next couple of years. This vessel is a 33 foot, aluminum, diesel jet / powered, roll over capable, 40 knot fast rescue craft. It has been built using the highest standards of construction considering similar designs from the leading marine rescue organizations (i.e. KNRM) and has received rave reviews from not only RCM-SAR crews but also others around the world. These vessels are among the first jet powered rescue craft in service on our coast.   


There's much more about our friends of the RCM-SAR; for the complete article please click on the following link:  

Online Petition to Save Kits CCG Station Tops 3,900   

 If you haven't signed the online petition to save the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station please take a moment to do so @:

NEW PROGRAM - Thursday Nite Paddle Races @ Jericho



Thursday Nite Paddle Races
@ Jericho
Kayaks, outriggers, surf skis, SUP's.
                    If you can paddle it, you can race it.

July 19
August 2, 16 & 30


Registration $5/
Free for JSCA Members
Registration Opens  1730H
Registration Closes
First Start @ 1900H
Draw Prizes
Sponsored By:
MEC Paddlefest 2012, Ecomarine & Windsure Adventure Sports

UBC Sailing Club Hanger Party July 21

The UBC Sailing Club Hangar Parties are back and better than ever! Enjoy an awesome evening of live music, great beer and amazing people at the best indoor/outdoor venue in BC. These events are for all JSCA members and their guests!!!


We're super excited to have Tough Lovers playing at this year's party, we also have a DJ to keep the party going between sets


Plus we've partnered with Howe Sound Brewing again to provide some of the best beer in BC. Also, we'll have the barbeques going and we'll be selling burgers, and the regular accompaniments (including condiments for the burgers).


Doors are at 8pm and we don't have to kick you out until 2am.


Tickets are now on sale - only $12 bucks and they can be bought at the Jericho Office or from any UBC Sailing Club Exec. We can only sell tickets to member of the Jericho Sailing Centre but they're welcome to bring guests so if you're not a member and you want to come hit up your friends who are members. 
NEW PROGRAM @ Jericho - Stand Up Paddleboard Bootcamp

A fitness class on a paddle board!  Learn to paddle as well as squat, plank and push-up your way to a strong core and toned body this summer. Classes are taught by a certified personal trainer.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7PM


Boards, paddles, wetsuits and life jackets are provided.

No experience necessary. PFDs must be worn at all times.


For more information, contact Windsure Adventure Watersports (604)224-0615




Upcoming Events
Laser Master Canadian Championships August 4-6
Jericho Oceanman  August 25 & 26 
Summer School in Session @ Jericho
Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing and Ocean Kayaking Schools at the Jericho Sailing Centre are signing up students for Summer programs. For full Season Pass, Rental or Lesson information and registration click the link below:


Dinghy Sailing                                        


Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddling


Ocean Kayaking                           

Weekly Sail Racing Programs @ Jericho 

Tuesday Nite Racing every Tuesday through to September 4 @ 1815H. 


Sunday Racing will be 1230H every Sunday through to September 4 except for August 5 & 26; and, September 9.



For a complete event schedule barge over to:  

English Bay Safety Seminar  July 23

The English Bay Safety Seminar was developed for users of the Jericho Sailing Centre to help keep them safe at play on the waters of English Bay. The seminar covers basic water safety fundamentals along with user specific information drawn from the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team who have intervened in thousands of "sea disasters" over the past 37 years.  
Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Don't challenge Darwin's theory, make sure your water safety knowledge is the fittest it can be. Your survival may well depend upon it. Find the missing links and fill in the gaps in your water safety knowledge by attending a FREE English Bay Safety Seminar July 23 at 1900H Please RSVP JSCA office.
2012 Fund Raising Campaign
As the Jericho Sailing Centre approaches 40 years of providing Vancouver citizens with low cost, ocean recreation programs, services and facilities, she is feeling her age and requiring infrastructure renewal and upgrades.

On the JSCA's radar are: compound plumbing replacement and upgrades; electrical service replacement and extension to the east end; roof repairs; rack and dolly replacement; winch replacement; fence repairs; new gates to better access beach areas; compound paving; and developing alternative energy sources such as solar hot water heating. The "Albatross" required extensive work this year during her annual refit. The large "heritage" hanger doors required expensive re-fabrication. Our auxiliary rescue and event support boat, "Jericho Marks" requires replacement in the next year or so. All this to say that, if the JSCA is to continue successfully meeting our "low cost" mandate in the future we must explore and develop alternative methods of fund raising.

The JSCA has launched a 2012 Fund Raising Campaign to assist us in achieving our goals. If you would like to donate or know of another person, or organization who would like to support distinctly Vancouver recreation, please contact us in the JSCA office.
For more information you can surf over to:

Or contact Mike Cotter, General Manager, Jericho Sailing Centre Association.

Your Safety on the Water is Your Responsibility - Pre-launch Checklist
Quite often users of the Jericho Sailing Centre experience equipment failure early in the season after their equipment has been unused for several months. While it is important to carefully check all of your equipment every time prior to launch, it is even more important at this time of year. Here is a sample Pre-launch Checklist:
  • Personal Flotation devices - make sure they are in good condition, properly fitted and worn by every crew member.
  • Operator Competency - have you taken a boating safety course? Are you aware  of the risks involved?
  • Weather - check the marine area forecast and monitor current conditions.
  • Float Plan - tell a person you trust where you are going and when you will be back.
  • Safety Equipment - know and carry all of the safety equipment required by law for your craft always check your required safety equipment to ensure it is in good condition.
  • Local Hazards - make sure you are aware of all local safety hazards. (Ex. tides, shipping lanes, keel boat races, Jericho Pier fishers, tugs and tows, etc).  
  • Boat Condition - check the hull for cracks or other damage, check your propulsion system (sails, paddle or oars), check your steering, make sure your drain plug is in place.
  • Safety Briefing - As skipper you are legally responsible for your crew. Explain the possibility of capsize and how you will recover, show them where the safety equipment is and how to use it.
  • Use Common Sense  - do not launch into conditions beyond your capabilities.
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