Jericho Sailing Centre Association                  April 13, 2012
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Ahoy Vancouver Ocean Lovers  
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for April 13, 2012 and beyond: 
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Walking Tour Saturday
Jericho Rescue Team
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Spring School Sign-ups @ Jericho
Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing and Ocean Kayaking Schools at the Jericho Sailing Centre start tip toeing out of hibernation in April and find their full on sea legs in the month of May. For full Season Pass, Rental or Lesson information and registration click the link below:

Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddling         

Ocean Kayaking                                       



Jericho Club Sign-ups 

One of the best ways to enjoy recreational ocean access on Vancouver's largest playground is to join one of the community based clubs based out of the Jericho Sailing Centre. These low cost, not for profit, volunteer driven organizations provide a wide variety of boat access and training programs for dinghy sailing, paddling, windsurfing and rowing programs as well as social opportunities.  Clubs looking for new crew include:


Club Locarno - Orientations for new members and all those interested in joining: April 15 1000H-Noon; and, April 25 1900H-2100H, Surf & Turf Room, Jericho Sailing Centre.


New & returning member info. & sign-ups online at  



UBC Sailing Club- General member section filled; still plenty of space for UBC students. For more info. 


Viking Sailing Club - For more information pillage over to:



Discovery Sailing Club -- the Discovery Sailing Club is recruiting new members. For info. cruise to     or phone Malcolm McMillan  604-228-1848.


For more info. on all JSCA Affiliated Clubs surf over to  

Sail Racing @ Jericho  THIS Sunday!

Penguin Cup Racing takes place this Sunday, April 15 at Noon.


The first regatta of the season is the annual Flights of Spring Regatta April 21 & 22.

See Notice of Race 


Our weekly racing series commence with the first Tuesday Nite Racing on May 1 @ 1815H followed by the first Sunday Racing on May 6 @ 1230H.


Racers are reminded that all competitors must be properly dressed for cold water conditions and that early season racing is not necessarily recommended for in experienced sailors. Anyone interested in learning to race is encouraged to sign up for the Rookie Racing Seminar on June 17 @ 0900H. 


For a complete event schedule barge over to:  

Jericho Beach Restoration - Update
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation have advised us that additional work will be required on the rock groyne (shown here) to protect against further shoreline erosion.

This work, along with the Phase 2 landscape work on the upland area, will have to be done over the summer and may inhibit access to the ocean. Park Board Planning staff have said they will inform prospective contractors that there will be a strong public desire to access the shoreline area from the land. More on this in the next issue of "in the wind".
Pay Parking @ Jericho in Effect May 1-September 30
Pay Parking goes into effect in Jericho Beach on Tuesday, May 1 through September 30. If you are a frequent car traveller to the Jericho Sailing Centre , season parking passes are available through EasyPark for $83. You can get more information or apply online at .
(Carpark Number "69": Carpark Description "Jericho"). 
Habitat '76 Walking Tour THIS SATURDAY

As part of the United Nations Habitat Conference on Human Settlement, Habitat Forum took place at Jericho Beach in Vancouver from May 31-June 11, 1976. (the Jericho Sailing Centre served as the Media Centre) Within the largest conference the UN had ever assembled, the forum allowed international delegates to discuss pressing issues of homelessness, environmental and social sustainability, women's rights, poverty, and the growing challenges of design, planning and urbanization. Attended by many major figures in public policy, architecture and the arts, Habitat '76 was one of Vancouver's defining historical events - on a similar scale to Expo '86 or the 2010 Olympics - influencing the culture and politics of the city, though the site and event have lrgely been eclipsed in public memory.


Join writer Lindsay Brown in an active exploration of her extensive research, to re-imagine the Habitat Forum site and experience while discovering the subterranean legacy of Vancouver's beautiful vintage modern hangars - demolished after the event.


Pre-payment and registration reuired in advance online:  (778) 709-2075


Saturday, April 14 1245H meet @ the Jericho Sailing Centre

One Beach - Projecting Change Film Festival

The 5th annual Projecting Change Film Festival will take place April 17-22.  Essentially it is a forum for film and dialogue about social and environmental issues. It is a six-day event featuring inspiring, eye-opening, and often award-winning films from around the globe, each followed by a dynamic speaker and panel discussion. The unique festival format is a platform for audience engagement, with all proceeds donated back to local initiatives.

According to our member Jamie, who is affiliated with the project, Jericho Sailing Centre users might be particularly interested in seeing and sharing "One Beach". One Beach is a film about world wide beach clean up efforts and the problems our beaches face. You can watch the trailer from here:

For more info, coast over to: 

Join the Jericho Rescue Team
 The Jericho Rescue Team is looking for experienced sailors, windsurfers, paddlers and rowers who are interested in developing their seamanship and water safety skills, and are willing to volunteer to assist their fellow boaters. The Jericho Rescue Team provides safety and rescue support for all on-water events facilitated by the JSCA. This year our Rescue Team members will provide rescue coverage for the over 80 on-water event days on our 2012 events calendar. Qualified candidates can sign up for the Jericho Rescue Team Training Course which will be conducted on April 28 & 29. We provide training in water safety and seamanship, Boathandling, boat rescue and first aid. Course graduates must complete ongoing Rescue Team training including the Pleasure Craft Operators Certification, VHF Radio Licence, emergency first aid and CPR Certification (all provided). If you are interested please contact Andrei or Mike in the Jericho office to discuss your qualification for this program.
Jericho Boat Show OPEN HOUSE

The annual Jericho Boat Show Open House is on Saturday, May 12 from Noon-1600H. Bring your landlubber friends, co-workers, neighbours and relatives down to the Centre on that day to check out all of the ocean access opportunities available to them. Our schools, clubs and fleets will be on hand with sign-up information and displays, there will be plenty of activity on the water and guests will receive member discounts on purchases in the Galley Patio & Grill. 

Jericho Coyote Alert!
 Coyote's have again become regular visitors to the Jericho Sailing Centre's 4.5 acre compound over the past week or so. Unless you are a rabbit, rat or small off leash dog he should pose no danger to you. This situation could change if people feed the coyote. The Stanley Park Ecology Society reports that the majority of coyotes that have bitten children have been fed by adults. Please, let nature take it's course and DO NOT FEED the coyote. If a coyote approaches you can: appear as aggressive as possible; shout in a loud and deep voice or throw objects at the coyote keeping in mind that you will be responsible for any resulting damage or injury.
Your Safety on the Water is Your Responsibility
A reminder to those who play on the bay at this time of year-place an extra emphasis on boat safety for yourself and your crew. Jericho Rescue and other boaters are notably scarce at this time of the year so you must take extra care to ensure a safe on water session. It starts with a check of the weather forecast and tidal activity. Let a friend or family member know you are going, where you are going and when you expect to be back on shore (follow-up with an after sailing phone call). Do a meticulous pre-launch check of your craft and equipment. Recognize when conditions are beyond your ability and choose not to launch. Make sure you are properly dressed-wetsuit/drysuit/hat/booties/gloves-including your PFD. Double check your safety equipment-paddles, bailer, whistle, flares. Know when the sun is setting and understand that the wind often shuts off abruptly in the hour before sunset. Don't go farther from shore than you care to paddle back if you or your equipment should fail or the wind shuts off.

One final tip: enclose your fully charged cell phone in two sealed sandwich bags and keep on your person. In the event of a sea disaster you can't solve yourself, dialing *16 will put you in touch with the Canadian Coast Guard's Rescue Coordination Centre.

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