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Ahoy & Happy New Year Ocean Lovers: 

Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for January 26, 2012 and beyond:

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2012 Boat Show Volunteers
2012 JSCA Invoices
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Safety Your Responsibility

Volunteers Wanted

Vancouver Boat Show February 8-12

We still have several openings for JSCA members to help crew the Jericho Sailing Centre Association's display booth at the Vancouver International Boat Show February 8-12 under the convertable roof at the newly refurbished BC Place Stadium. Members who volunteer for a two hour "watch" will gain free admission to the show and the admiration of thousands of show going seafarers from all over. A great place to meet people and shoot the breeze about the Jericho Sailing Centre and all of the low cost ocean access opportunities we provide. The following berths are available; please email us if you'd like to sign on:


Wednesday, February 8:  

1100-1300H; 1300-1500H; 1500-1700H; 1900-2100H.


Thursday, February 9:      

1100-1300H; 1300-1500H; 1500-1700H; 1700-1900H; 1900-2100H.


Friday, February 10: 

1100-1300H; 1300-1500H; 1500-1700H; 1700-1900H; 1900-2100H.


Saturday, February 11:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1400-1600H; 1600-1900H.


Sunday, February 12:

1000-1200H; 1200-1400H; 1400-1700H.

2012 Vancouver Boat Show

Celebrating 50 years as Western Canada's premiere boat show, the Vancouver International Boat Show is BC's largest showcase for the recreational boating industry. Taking place February 8-12, 2012 at two all-new locations, including an in-water venue at the Granville Island Maritime Market and Marina and an indoor venue at the newly renovated BC Place, the 2012 Boat Show features the season's hottest new boats and boating products at the best deals of the year.


From fishing boats to sporting yachts, family-friendly entertainment and celebrity speakers, there's something for everyone-no matter your age, lifestyle or budget. The five-day show happens just once a year, so don't miss your chance to compare makes and models, secure insurance and financing and gear up with the latest accessories - all at one time. Visit for more information.

2012 Pacific North West ORCA

The first on water event of 2012 kicks off from the Jericho Sailing Centre this Saturday, January 28 at 1000H as the Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club hosts the Vancouver leg of the Pacific North West ORCA (Outrigger Racing Canoe Association) series.




The race is a mass start in single and double outrigger canoes from the Sailing Centre. Race course will be determined race day depending on tide, wind and weather conditions. Estimated distance: 10k. This is the 2nd of 7 races in the Winter Series, with the first 5 place finishers in each division earning points for end of season awards.  



Send Us Your Jericho Photos - Snow Drift 2012


While some might ponder if his rudder quite reaches the water, there "snow way" a little cloud dandruff was going to keep our hearty member, Lloyd Oppel, from enjoying one of his regular, year round, Laser therapy sessions on January 16. "Of course my rudder reaches the water!" quipped Lloyd as he served it a little kettle juice to loosen his line before heading out on a light air snow drift. 

 Thanks to JSCA Asst. Manager, Andrei Bredin for providing these and our cover photo.

2012 JSCA Invoices Have Been Sent

By now you should have received your invoice for 2012 JSCA Membership and Storage fees in the mail (or email if you opted for paperless billing). The invoices are not due until April 1, however, you will receive a 2% discount if you pay before February 15 - check your investment portfolio and you are unlikely to find a better return on your hard earned treasure than 2% over six weeks.


For your convenience Visa or MasterCard payments can be made over the phone (604)224-4566. If you haven't received your invoice in the mail please contact the office asap.


If you are not planning to renew with us in 2012 please notify the office when you vacate so that we may assign your space to another member.


If you sell your craft and wish to transfer your space to the new owner you must inform the office in writing.



Park Board Vote on Jericho Beach Phase 2 Concept 

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation will vote on the Jericho Beach Restoration Phase 2 Concept Plan at their meeting on Monday, January 30. The plan was presented at a public meeting in December and was very well received. 

The design concept takes into account and respects Jericho's historic use as Vancouver's primary marine access park facilitating traffic flow to and from the shore including easy, unobstructed access to the parking lot and the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's, non-taxpayer funded, publically accessible, ocean access community centre.
With the continuing growth in popularity of paddlesport recreation in Vancouver, this area will become a favourite destination for many citizens-it will likely be the best paddling beach in Vancouver. 
For more complete information on the Jericho Beach Restoration Phase 2 Concept, drift over to:


2012 Jericho Beach Concept 
In order for this to become the best paddling beach in Vancouver the Board of Parks and Recreation must officially designate it for such use in a separate process. More on this in future editions of "in the wind".

Sailing Instructors - Join the Club Locarno's Training Team!


 Club Locarno is looking for a sailing instructor qualified to deliver courses in CYA White Sail Levels I,2 and 3, as well as Bronze Sail Level 4. Other courses may include specialized catamaran sailing and spinnaker classes, basic racing instruction, and occasional private lessons. 

Hours would be approximately 20 hours per week from the end of April to Mid-July. Class schedule to be determined, but will include weekday evenings and weekends.  
Club Locarno operates out of the world renowned and utterly fantastic Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver.
Interested applicants please send resume and contact info to the Vice-Commodore, Paddy Ryan.

2012 JSCA Event Schedule

The 2012 JSCA Event Calendar is on our website All of our regular programs: Sunday Racing, Tuesday Nite Racing, Rookie Racing & English Bay Safety Seminars are back along with fixture regattas: Jericho Classic, Flights of Spring Regatta, Tasar BC's and the Hobie Classic Regatta. Highlights for the New Year include hosting the Canadian Laser Masters Championship, the Swift Solo North American Championships, MEC Paddlefest 2012 and the Locarno Rowing Regatta. For the complete event calendar, so far, paddle over to 

Jericho Sailing Centre Association Office Hours

January - February 15: Hours 0930H-1700H Gates open at 0700H and are locked at Dusk. JSCA Members are able to purchase a key for $5 which will provide for facility access outside of office hours.


Safety Notice - Hypothermia can be Deadly- Dress Appropriately!

If you recreate on the ocean at this time of year you must be aware of the danger of hypothermia and take approriate steps to guard against it.
Here is a link provided by our member Stefan from UBC of his favourite cold water education site:   
Compound Water Shut Stations Winterized

As our facility has evolved from the RCAF Jericho Beach Air Station, much of the Jericho Sailing Centre's compound water system is at or near the ground surface to avoid costly trenching through concrete. Below freezing temperatures require us to flush the system and shut off the water main over the winter months.


In the meantime, the water hosing station on the SE corner of the building is insulated and operational throughout the winter. 

Winterize Your Boat

Every "off season" vicious wind storms rip through the Jericho Sailing Centre compound looking for loose tarps, boat covers and poorly stowed gear. When they find a loose tarp they can turn a docile hibernating boat into a flying projectile which can cause damage to neighbouring craft. Members are responsible for ensuring they have "battened down the hatches" on their equipment stored at the Jericho Sailing Centre and checking their craft after gnarly windstorms. We encourage you to check your craft regularly year round, remove any parts or equipment that can be easily removed (most thefts occur between Oct.-April) and make sure water doesn't collect inside your hull (if it freezes and expands it can cause major damage).  
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Your Safety is Your Responsibility

A reminder to members who play on the bay at this time of year-place an extra emphasis on boat safety for yourself and your crew. Jericho Rescue and other boaters are notably scarce at this time of the year so you must take extra care to ensure a safe on water session. It starts with a check of the weather forecast and tidal activity. Let a friend or family member know you are going, where you are going and when you expect to be back on shore (follow-up with an apres sailing phone call). Do a meticulous pre-launch check of your craft and equipment. Recognize when conditions are beyond your ability and choose not to launch. Make sure you are properly dressed-wetsuit/drysuit/hat/booties/gloves-including your PFD.

 Double check your safety equipment-paddles, bailer, whistle, flares. Know when the sun is setting and understand that the wind often shuts off abruptly in the hour before sunset. Don't go farther from shore than you care to paddle back if you or your equipment should fail or the wind shuts off. One final tip: enclose your fully charged cell phone in two sealed sandwich bags and keep on your person. In the event of a sea disaster you can't solve yourself, dial *16 (alternatively you can dial the Victoria Rescue Coordination Centre at 1-800-567-5111) which will put you in touch with the Canadian Coast Guard's Rescue Coordination Centre.



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