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Ahoy Ocean Lovers: 

Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for May 31-June 7, 2011 and beyond:


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Jericho Beach Update
English Bay Safety Seminar
Jericho Classic Regatta   THIS WEEKEND                                             June 4 & 5

 The pinnacle of sailing dinghy racing each year at the Jericho Sailing Centre is the Jericho Classic Regatta which takes place this weekend. A longtime fixture on the sailing dinghy regatta circuit in the Pacific Northwest, the Classic draws racers from throughout BC and Washington State. Registration takes place Saturday morning in the Sailor's Lounge between 1000H-1130H. Skippers Meeting will be held at 1200H with racing commencing at 1300H precisely. Dinner & the Canucks Stanley Cup Game will be in the Burrard Room at 1700H. Sunday's racing will commence at 1100H. The entry fee is $30 for single-handed boats and $50 for double-handed boats. Additional dinner tickets are available at registration for $15. Our regular Sunday Racing Program will not be conducted June 5 or 12 (Hobie Regatta) and will resume on Father's Day June 19. 


For the Notice of Race sail over to:

Jericho Beach Ecological Restoration

Support Safe Public Ocean Access

Vancouver's ocean recreation community, you have until Noon on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 to participate in the democratic process by filling in an on-line Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation Open House Comment Form.

The main focus of the latest plan, the return to a natural Jericho Beach, looks great, however, we have to strongly disagree with the concept as a whole which unecessarily places metal railings, boulders and strategically placed logs directly in between people and the sea; and removes a large grassy area well used by the public who choose not to access the ocean through the Jericho Sailing Centre.


See Latest Jericho Beach Concept Plan


Recreationally speaking, the soon to be liberated section of Jericho Beach provides the opportunity for an extension of a unique public resource which is not available elsewhere in the city. With a few minor tweaks the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation has the opportunity to develop a plan which satisfies the needs of all stakeholders to the detriment of none.  

We encourage you to provide your own wording, but appreciate that we've cut into your ocean recreation time too much already, so we provide this generic cut and pastee for your consideration:

I support Safe Public Recreational Ocean Access from Jericho Park

·         Remove metal railing and other obstructions at the west and SW corner.

·         Retain grass area historically used by public for preparing paddle and wind powered craft for launch.

Here is the link to the on line survey:    

Catch the Canucks at the Jericho Sailing Centre 

Ride the wild orca at the Jericho Sailing Centre all the way to the awarding of the Stanley Cup as the Vancouver Canucks attempt to make history and bring the cup back to our city for the first time since the Vancouver Millionaires did it in 1915. The Jericho Sailing Centre has 2 big screen HD TV's (our Olympic Campground legacy) including a whale of a 120" projection screen which will focus on all of the action. First two games are:  June 1 @ 1700H; June 4 @ 1700H.

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Jericho Sailing Centre Schools in Session 




Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing and Ocean Kayaking Schools at the Jericho Sailing Centre start tip toeing out of hibernation in April and find their full on sea legs in the month of May. For full Season Pass, Rental or Lesson information and registration click the link below:



Dinghy Sailing                                          

Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddling    

Ocean Kayaking                                     


English Bay Safety Seminar                  June 6

The English Bay Safety Seminar was developed for users of the Jericho Sailing Centre to help keep them safe at play on the waters of English Bay. The seminar covers basic water safety fundamentals along with user specific information drawn from the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team who have intervened in thousands of "sea disasters" over the past 37 years.

Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Don't challenge Darwin's theory, make sure your water safety knowledge is the fittest it can be. Your survival may well depend upon it. Find the missing links and fill in the gaps in your water safety knowledge by attending a FREE English Bay Safety Seminar June 6 & 27. All times at 1900H RSVP JSCA office.

Jericho Folk Club Tuesdays in the Surf & Turf


Tuesday evenings from from now through September 27 are Jericho Folk Club Nights in the Surf & Turf room of the Jericho Sailing Centre. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy Celtic, singer songwriter, sea shanties, and traditional music.


7:30pm Jam Session    8:00pm Open Stage   9:20pm Feature Performer                                

$8.00 Admission                                  

Willy Blizzard Delivers Indie Folk to Jericho June 7
Vancouver based indie alt/folk trio Willy Blizzard will be the feature act at Jericho Folk Club on June 7th.

The venue is a sought after performance venue known for its history and atmosphere.  Located upstairs at the Jericho Sailing Centre at the foot of Discovery Street, the club is a long standing piece of Vancouver folk history which has hosted many local and touring musicians over the years.

Bass player Andrea Law says, "The Jericho Folk Club is a perfect spot to showcase our original material coming from Canadian history and landscape.  It's funny that this venue is located above the sailing centre where we currently store our own canoes.  By coincedence,  one of our songs is actually about paddling."

Being active outdoor enthusiasts, Willy Blizzard was honored to learn their music was selected by the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario.  Proud to be associated with the respected cultural organization, the band offers the song for free download at "" 

The Willy Blizzard trio performsrootsy originals featuring vocal harmonies, guitars, banjo and stand-up bass.  The vocals of front man John Hough ("a mahogany rich voice" -- Vancouver Province) have been heard at concerts and festivals such as the Vancouver Folk Festival and the Mission Folk Festival.  His warm voice has been described as "the smoothest baritone west of the Rockies."

Giving a nod back to classic country instrumentation, while tapping into the more contemporary sound of electric, what really sets their repertoire apart is the songwriting.  Willy Blizzard's concerts convey genuine musical and lyrical warmth and add just a little more insight into the heart of Canada.

Appearing at Jericho Folk Club, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 7:30pm
Jericho Hobie Classic Regatta                                  June 11 & 12


Rookie Racing Seminar                                  June 19

Want to learn how to race? Come to the Rookie Racing Seminar Sunday, June 19 from 0900H-1100H in the NE Meeting Room. Our Tuesday Nite Racing PRO, Andrew Balakshin, will simplify the rules and explain basic strategies and tactics. This program is free to JSCA members, $83 for non-members. Please RSVP JSCA Office. 

Your Safety is Your Responsibility
There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the ocean always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a safe ocean experience.
It is every member's responsibility to know and observe the rules of the road when on or near the water. Here are some key rules which every Jericho member must know and practice.
1. Always wear your P.F.D. on the water.
2. Sail powered craft have the right of way over power craft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
3. All non-commercial vessels shall keep well clear of commercial vessels.
4. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pass between a tug and it's tow.
5. A port tack sailing vessel shall keep clear of a starboard tack vessel.
6. A windward vessel shall keep clear of a leeward vessel.
7. A vessel clear astern shall keep clear of a vessel ahead.
8. Any vessel overtaking another shall keep clear.
9. A vessel tacking or gybing shall keep clear of a vessel on a tack.
10.The area south of the orange can buoys is for training or transiting only.
11.Swimming or wading on the beach in front of the Centre is prohibited and is particularly dangerous for small children.
12.It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
13. Stay well clear of the end of the Jericho Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible
14. Be cautious of pathway traffic when launching/retrieving
15. Do not leave your craft on the shoreline for extended periods of time
Common sense goes a long way toward maintaining a safe environment. Membership in the Jericho Sailing Centre Association is contingent on members knowing and observing the Safe Ocean Sailing rules.

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