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Ahoy JSCA Members: 
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest to the ocean faring folk who call the Jericho Sailing Centre their favourite Port of Call.
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BC Day
Safety Notice
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"Be Sea" Day This Coming Monday
There is something distinct about life on the left coast of Canada in this province of British Columbia that easily inspires one to follow their noses along the salt scented Pacific air pathway to mess around in boats down at the liquidy source of all life- it is our very essence.

It's not something that started in this generation or the last, or even in the time since British Columbia first boarded the good ship Canada in 1871. As long as people have lived near these sand swept, rock reinforced Pacific Ocean shorelines they have felt an intimate connection with the sea and nowhere is this more apparent today than at the Jericho Sailing Centre.
From the relatively landlocked hub bubs of Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian population centers it's hard for non-Pacific inhabitants of our country to imagine we British Columbia "Coasters" without sandals, surf shorts, super shades, sunscreen, sun tanned skin and hair blowing in the wind, well bent on a good time at the beach. (perhaps the leading catalyst for Easterners who jump ship West). On BC Day the beach is where many of us will "be".
If the weather turns out as long range advertised for our provincial holiday ( and for the real Jericho junkies even if it doesn't), the waves of English Bay will be streaked with the wakes of a thousand tiny ship trips launched from Jericho Beach out of Vancouver's low  cost ocean access community centre. The kayak, rowboat, sailing dinghy, windsurfer, stand-up paddleboard, skim board, naturally powered craft you command could be among the flotilla.

This Monday make plans to exercise your "Be Sea"  essence. Live it up to the beat of the provincial motto "Splendor without Diminishment", throw on your surf shorts and sandals, slap on some sunscreen and your shades, turn your back to the east and come celebrate BC Day at the Jericho Sailing Centre.
Fireworks Nights 28, 31
The last two Celebration of Light fireworks shows take place today & Saturday evenings over English Bay. The rooftop deck will be open to members & their accompanying guests (60 maximum) with security in place to enforce no alcohol or smoking. Seating at the Jericho Patio and Grill is tough to find after 2030H but well worth staking out. Start time 2200H.
Safety Notice - Fireworks Danger
One of the most dangerous situations for operators of small water craft in Vancouver occurs at the conclusion of a Celebration of Light fireworks show. Hundreds of powerboats are hastily heading for home in all different directions and the sea surface is filled with crossing boat chop on waves. Lights from boats and downtown reflect everywhere and a kayak, canoe, rowboat or other small vessel is almost impossible to see, even if the Skipper hasn't been drinking, and in some cases, he has.
The Jericho Sailing Centre Association, in the strongest possible way, recommends that our members and other small, naturally powered craft do not put themselves in this vulnerable position. If you choose to be out there, please remember that the Coast Guard will have their hands full and may not even be able to locate your craft within the boating frenzy if you need them. Also remember, that you the Skipper, as always, are solely responsible for your safety and that of your crew.
Volunteer Work Party THIS Saturday at 1300H - Annual Blackberry Removal
Many thanks to Hal, the only JSCA member (of 3,500) who showed up for last Saturday's volunteer work party. We're looking for volunteers to help remove blackberry bushes from the Jericho Sailing Centre compound this Saturday at 1300H. Come join us, especially if blackberry bushes are growing under your boat. Refreshments supplied.
Send us Your Pictures
We are looking for "Jericho style" photos to spice up our website, newsletter and promote the Jericho Sailing Centre.

Thank you to Robert Fougere who provided all the photos for this week's "in the wind" including this one of UBC Sailing Club Commodore Sarah Crome hanging from the wire of an RS 500 with JSCA Board Member Lillian Zaramba at the helm.

Please send us your photos with a brief description.
Rescue - Personal Locator Beacon and Protection System
Rescue software developer Ron Bedard brought his latest product to my attention which may be of interest to some JSCA members:
"Whether you are sailing at Jericho Beach, walking in Stanley Park, hiking up Grouse Mountain, driving to work or waiting for the bus, when you're in trouble, the iPhone RESCUE app provides SMS and email notifications to your personal contacts with your GPS position as well as automatically calling emergency services (911). "
When you need help, the iPhone RESCUE app will help.
Now available on iTunes
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