Jericho Sailing Centre AssociationJuly 20, 2010
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Ahoy JSCA Members: 
Here is what is "in the wind" coming events and items of interest to the 3,500 ocean dwellers of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association.
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Fireworks Danger
UBC Sailing Party
Safety Seminar Monday
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Vancouver Summer Fireworks Nights July 21, 24, 28, 31
The annual Celebration of Light fireworks show takes place on the next two Wednesday & Saturday evenings over English Bay. If fireworks turn you on, "Celebration" is a perfect accent to four Vancouver mid-summer night eves right in the sweet spot of summer. The fireworks are best viewed from English Bay Beach. Kits Beach offers a next best view with Jericho accommodating the cheap seats-distant view but easier parking and disembarking when the show ends (also smoke free & family friendly). Seating at the Jericho Patio and Grill is tough to find after 2030H. The rooftop deck will be open to members & their accompanying guests (60 maximum) with security in place to enforce no alcohol or smoking. The show dates are July 21, 24, 28 and 31. Start time 2200H. 
Safety Notice - Fireworks Danger
One of the most dangerous situations for operators of small water craft occurs 4 times each year in Vancouver. At the conclusion of a 45 minute Celebration of Light fireworks show, hundreds of powerboat engines are started up. Boats are hastily heading for home in all different directions and the sea surface is filled with crossing boat chop on waves. Lights from boats and downtown reflect everywhere and a kayak, canoe, rowboat or other small vessel is almost impossible to see, even if the Skipper hasn't been drinking, and in some cases, he has.

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association, in the strongest possible way, recommends that our members and other small, naturally powered craft skippers do not put themselves in this hazardous situation. If you choose to be out there, please remember that you must display the appropriate navigation lighting for your craft and that the Coast Guard will have their hands full and may not even be able to locate your craft within the boating frenzy if you need them. Also remember, that you the Skipper, as always, are solely responsible for your safety and that of your crew.
Volunteer Work Party THIS Saturday at 1300H - Compound Clean-up
We're looking for volunteers to help collect and remove junk from the Jericho Sailing Centre compound this Saturday at 1300H. Also on our list is the removal of blackberry bushes and tall grass growing under boats. If the grass is growing long under your boat come join us. Refreshments supplied.
UBC Sailing Club Party THIS SATURDAY July 24 @ 8pm
Join the UBC Sailing Club for the BBQ and drinks to watch Spain compete in the Celebration of Light Fireworks from the Jericho Sailing Centre. Redeye Empire is taking the stage to put down some summer tunes and DJ Brad winter will keep the party going until 1am.
Visit the Facebook Event Page or get tickets now with Online Sales:
Send us Your Pictures
We are looking for "Jericho style" photos to spice up our website, newsletter and promote the Jericho Sailing Centre.

Please send us your photos with a brief description.
This is a photo of Hayley Cotter after reboarding her vessel during MacSailing's Optimist Race Camp. 
English Bay Safety Seminar This Monday
Come to the English Bay Safety Seminar this Monday, July 26 at 1900H. Skippers are completely responsible for their safety and that of their crew when out on the water. If your knowledge is lacking here is your chance to fill in the gaps. The English Bay Safety Seminar is based on the "sea disasters" experienced in English Bay over the last 35 years as written in the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team. RSVP JSCA Office (604)224-4177. 
NOTICE TO MEMBERS -Guest Privileges at the Jericho Sailing Centre
Guests of JSCA members are entitled to use the facilities while accompanied by the member. Guests are not entitled to use a members boat while the member is not present. If members wish for others to use their boat while they are not onsite their guests must join the Jericho Sailing Centre Association ($79).  
NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Extended Ground Craft Leave
Members who remove their ground stored craft for extended periods (vacation, repair, etc) are asked to notify the JSCA office so that we may ensure that your spot is not claimed by squatters.
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