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February 11, 2010

in the wind

Jericho Sailing Centre Welcomes the World

Since the beginning the human population of what is now the City of Vancouver has connected with their ocean and mountain environment from this shore now known as Jericho Beach.

The native population of E'eyullmough, one of three original area settlements, launched their canoes into the Salish Sea then much as people launch craft today through Vancouver's ocean community centre-the Jericho Sailing Centre. The sea was the prevailing influence on their lifestyle and culture - food, travel, trade, exploration, warfare & reverence-the water to them was everything.
People from all over the world are in Vancouver for the next few weeks to inhale Vancouver's breath taking sea to mountain scenery , partake of our indigenous cultural mosaic in the global potlatch atmosphere of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and to-discover and experience this naturally awesome place where human history flows back thousands of years.

That they're visiting a coastal Pacific Ocean February climate heavily under the influence of El Nino shouldn't dampen anyone's spirit in the least. The world class winter alpine athletic events are all conducted on frozen water which can be effectively manufactured and placed if nature chooses to sit this one out. (2010 VANOC Plan "Z": Zambonis from every ice rink in British Columbia's Lower Mainland convoy to Cypress Bowl to dump their snow). If only wind for sailing regattas were so easy to come by.

The 3,500 member's of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association, the bow wake of Vancouver's ocean community, welcome Vancouver 2010 Olympic visitors and our fellow Vancouverites to come to the Jericho Sailing Centre during the games, enjoy the best view of Vancouver in Vancouver, sample the Jericho Galley Patio & Grill fare, watch Olympic events and highlights on our 120" High Definition screen and get to know Vancouver's ocean community.


Eat, Drink, Cheer!

Jericho Galley Patio & Grill Olympic Operating Hours 0800H-2300H


Vancouver 2010 Olympic RV Campground

It's been well over one hundred years since the last inhabitants of E'eyullmough camped by these shores. From now to March 2 up to 130 tin longhouses on wheels will occupy Jericho Park as the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation have created a temporary Vancouver 2010 Olympic RV Campground. The Jericho Sailing Centre washrooms and change rooms have been booked to facilitate the campground and the revenue generated has been used to install two high definition television systems -a 58"screen in the Sailor's Lounge and a whopping 120" screen in the Burrard Room-JSCA's Olympic legacy.

JSCA Member's access to the Jericho Sailing Centre facilities will not be adversely affected however there is limited parking available in our regular lot-during this period members are welcome to park in Staff parking and the 20 Minute loading zone. There is also ample parking along NW Marine Drive and next to the Locarno Beach concession stand.


Olympic Torch Relay Flows with Vancouver's Boating History

The Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club will be among a flotilla of dragonboats, Voyageur and outrigger canoes that will transport torchbearers in the fifth to last leg before the flame lights the Olympic cauldron in BC Place Stadium where it will mark the official start and burn for the duration of 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. 

The Olympic flame will be passed to a torchbearer on board a dragonboat at the dock just NE of Bridges on Granville Island at approximately 1300H on Friday, February 12. The flotilla will paddle East to Spruce Harbour Marina where the flame will be passed to a torchbearer onboard a Voyaguer canoe. The flotilla will then paddle to the Yaletown ferry dock where it will be handed off to the next leg at approximately 1320H. The flotilla will then paddle back to Granville Island. The flotilla will be travelling through a boat exclusion zone in False Creek so anyone wishing to view this portion of the relay is advised to view it from a land viewpoint. For more info click
torch relay .


Port Metro Vancouver Olympic Boating Restrictions

Leading up to and during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games there are specific areas within Port Metro Vancouver waters with controlled access, particularly surrounding water-side Olympic venues-Canada Place and the adjacent Main Media and International Broadcast Centres in Coal Harbour; False Creek east of the Cambie Street Bridge; and between the Dinsmore and No. 2 Road Bridge on the Fraser River. For complete information surf over to



2010 JSCA Membership Fees - Early Payment Discount Deadline

By now you should have received your invoice for 2010 JSCA Membership and Storage fees in the mail. The invoices are not due until April 1, however, you will receive a 2% discount if you pay before February 15 - check your investment portfolio and you won't find a better return on your hard earned treasure than 2% over six weeks. If you haven't received your invoice in the mail please contact the office asap.



Boat Check Time

Windstorms and heavy rainfall have taken their toll on some of the plastic masterpieces moored to the grass in the Jericho Sailing Centre compound over the past month. If you haven't seen your pride and joy work of art, your sculptured sea craft, since last year, come down check it out, bail it out, tuck in the tarp and show it some TLC. This spring, as you`re skipping merrily through waves unscathed by the weather warps of winter, you`ll be glad you did. Meanwhile, your neighbours who neglected to take the time will be stuck on shore squinting to read the directions on their cold cure epoxy kits.


Upcoming JSCA Meetings


Safety Committee                            March 2 1900H
Operations Committee                     March 3 1900H

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