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September 24, 2009
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Ahoy JSCA Members:
Here is what's "in the wind", upcoming events and items of interest to the 3,500 members of the JSCA and other lovers of the sea, for the week of Sept 25-Oct 1 and beyond.
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Celebrate the Paddle
Volunteers Wanted
Penguin Cup Racing
Jericho Fall Clean-up
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23rd Annual "Day of the Longboat"
Celebrates Vancouver's Paddling History

Thousands of years ago Jericho Park was the location of one of the first human settlements in the Vancouver area. The people lived off of the pristine land and sea in the same coastal marine environment the current inhabitants enjoy. To them the sea was a mystical omniscient experience, a feeling many still share today.
This weekend 3,500 environmentally friendly "retro recreationalists" will dip their canoe paddle blades into the briny liquid turf of Vancouver's largest playing field. For many, this will be their first experience slipping the surly bonds of shore (and studies) to play upon the waves of English Bay, for a little while savoring a slice of life those first people shared.

The University of British Columbia Recreation Department's "Day of the Longboat" event is now older than most of it's participants. One of the largest intramural sporting events in Canada, this weekend will be the 23rd time the Jericho Sailing Centre has played host. Heats of up to 8 ten person voyageur canoes will race around a 2Km course on Saturday and Sunday from 0800-1700H.
The Jericho Sailing Centre will be exceptionally busy but regular users should not be deterred from enjoying an ocean session during Day of the Longboat. All of the activity is either on the shore or close to it. With a little patience and timing hundreds of regular users will launch. Keep a sharp lookout when launching from or approaching shore and heed directions from Jericho Rescue Team members. The UBC Rec "Day of the Longboat" is the JSCA's flagship public access event so hang loose, go with the flow, and celebrate natural paddle power.

Canoes from the ancient native village E'eyoughmough sifted and slipped through these sands into their ocean realm. Vancouver's Discovery crew noted this sandy beach curving into the subtle cove on the southern shore of this scenic unnamed inlet. Before this city ever had an airport, flying boats were launched from this beach (in its natural state) and played a significant role pioneering the coast of British Columbia. Thirty-three years ago an environmental movement to "Save the Whale's" left this shore and by luck or by fluke raised a worldwide consciousness that has been gaining momentum ever since and now in 2009 focuses right back on to this remarkably historic beach.

The Vancouver Park Board will be announcing their ongoing public consultation on the future of Jericho Beach in the next few weeks. Advocates of the crumbling 1 acre concrete wharf on creosote pilings were successful in getting the current Board of Parks and Recreation to re-consider the 2008 decision to return all but 5,000 sq. ft. of the beach back to it's natural state. The 2008 decision was based on a comprehensive public consultation supported by environmental, economic and flexibility of future use factors. How could a "greener" Park Board turn this into a less green decision you ask? Stay Tuned.

The JSCA and all of the users of the Jericho Sailing Centre have a profound appreciation of the environment, economics (low cost) and are particularly interested that one of the future uses of this beach could reflect the historic use going back many centuries. For more information on "Save Jericho Beach" and to find out how you can get involved, shore break your mouse over to
Volunteers Wanted - SAVE JERICHO BEACH

We are looking for JSCA members to volunteer to collect signatures on our petition to Save Jericho Beach this weekend during "Day of the Longboat" If you are interested in volunteering some time please reply by return email.
Penguin Cup Race Series

After a two week hiatus,  sailing dinghy racing returns to the Jericho Sailing Centre on October 4 for the first of four Penguin Cup Races.  Other dates include October 11, 18 and 25. All starts at 1230H.
Fall Compound Clean-up Volunteer Workparty October 10 & 17 Noon-1600H

The JSCA welcomes all members to attend our Fall Compound Clean-up volunteer workparties October 10 & 17. We will be going through the boat storage compound with a fine tooth comb removing any refuse or non-boat junk. Members who have belongings other than their boat in their Jericho Sailing Centre compound storage space are advised to move it prior to October 8 or possibly lose it.
Notice of AGM

Jericho Sailing Centre Association
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, October 27 at 1900H
The Jericho Sailing Centre Association's 36th Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 1900H in the English Bay Banquet Room of the Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street, Vancouver, B.C. The 2008/2009 J.S.C.A. Board and Committees will report on their accomplishments this past year and the challenges for the future.  Please plan to attend and participate in the future direction of your ocean access community centre.
Call for Nominations
Voting will take place to elect eight members for a two-year term to our 15 member Board of Directors.   The J.S.C.A. Board meets once a month to set policy and determine Jericho's direction. Interested members who have time and expertise to offer are invited to submit a letter indicating their experience and areas of interest to the J.S.C.A. Nominations Committee c/o the Jericho office no later than 1700H, Tuesday, October 13.   The signed nomination letter must include your name, address and telephone number.   For additional information contact Mike Cotter, J.S.C.A. General Manager 224-4177 or email
Jericho Sailing Centre Etiquette
Common sense and consideration of fellow members help make the Jericho Sailing Centre a true community centre with a friendly atmosphere. Here are a few etiquette reminders to keep sailing along smoothly:
       the areas adjacent to launching ramps are for craft launch/retrieval only. Do not rig, repair or otherwise loiter in this area.
       launch dollies are for launching/retrieval only (not for storage) and must be returned to the fence immediately after use.
       if you launch from your own dolly or trailer return it to your storage spot after launching.
       do not use the winches unless you are familiar with their safe operation. Winch instruction is available from staff or Rescue Team members. Only members or registered guests may use winches & dollies.
       only leashed, well behaved dogs are allowed in the compound, no dogs are allowed in the building or on the deck. Do not tie dogs to the base of stairwells or in other traffic areas. Do not leave your dog onshore while you are on the water. The City prohibits dogs on beaches. In consideration of other Jericho users please consider leaving your dog at home while visiting the Jericho Sailing Centre.
       the Jericho Sailing Centre is a Smoke Free Facility-thank you for not smoking anywhere within our compound.
       Please coil hoses immediately after use and conserve water.
       Do not block aisle ways.
Sail Safe - Everyone's Responsibility to Avoid a Collision

Regardless of Right-of-Way rules; sail over power; starboard tack over port; etc., it is everyone's responsibility to avoid a collision. This extends to you as a skipper recognizing and avoiding situations that could increase your odds of a collision. Sailing through a beginner class who are on a port tack shouting "Starboard" would not absolve you of responsibility in the event of a collision. Recognizing developing situations well in advance and taking preventative steps is an important part of keeping you and your crew safe while on the water.
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