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Newsletter of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association
September 18, 2009
Ahoy Members:

Here is what's "in the wind", upcoming events and items of interest to the 3,500 members of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association.

Jericho Beach Air Station Presentation
Tuesday, September 22 @ 1900H

The Jericho Sailing Centre (former Jericho Beach Air Station Marine & Stores Building) proudly hosts author Chris Weicht's presentation on the history of the Jericho Beach Air Station 1921-1947.

From the shores of Jericho these brave aviation pioneers launched and flew their "Dr. Seuss-like" flying machines to map and chart the BC coast, deliver  people, supplies and mail to remote communities, survey for the forestry industry and work with Canada Customs to stem the tide of rum runners.

Come find out more about this little known piece of Vancouver history and view Chris' comprehensive collection of historic photos. Seating is limited, get your tix in advance at the JSCA Office- $10 Public, $5 for JSCA Members.
In This Issue
Longboats Coming
Marginal Wharf Update
Jen's Row
Member Etiquette
Longboats Here This Weekend
The big event happens September 26 & 27 but the Jericho Sailing Centre will be fairly busy this weekend as 3,500 participants in UBC Rec's "Day of the Longboat" each receive a 1 hr. training session. They don't all come at once so don't let this change any of your launching plans.
Jericho Beach Air Station - 1937
Nice Beach, Now Where's the Wharf at?

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation will be resuming further public consultation on the future of the concrete wharf just east of the Jericho Sailing Centre commencing in the next few weeks. The previous Park Board decided to remove all but the 5,000 sq. ft. eastern most section returning the historic beach to it's natural state. Concrete wharf advocates have complained that the complete wharf should be preserved for historical purposes, yet for the majority of the history of the Jericho Beach Air Station, operations were actually carried out from the natural beach as evidenced in this 1937 photograph from the Vancouver Archives. "in the wind" will update JSCA members and other nature lovers of the process as it is revealed. For more info on the process to date flip flop over to .
Jennifer Goes Strait

Jennifer Weterings launched her rowing shell from Naniamo on a grey September 5 morning and never looked back. Well actually, she never looked forward. Jen's epic oar odyssey across Georgia Strait took place after 5 months of rigorous training and was completed in a hand blistering, bum numbing nine hours. Her average speed was 8 knots and she received a warm welcome on the way into English Bay by a few of her fellow Jericho rowers and paddlers.
Describing her voyage as "absolutely fantastic!" Jen said, "I had a fabulous support team, with Corby (Armstrong) and his brother Niels running the escort boat the 'Forte' and Kari Streufert providing ongoing coaching and reassurance and the best dog ever....Mason.  What an experience, it was really something."
Jen's Strait crossing raised over $1,000 toward a new dock for the Disabled Sailing Association of BC and it's not too late for you to jump on board. Skull over to
In Jen's words "Thank you and everyone for the fabulous support."
Jericho Sailing Centre Etiquette
Common sense and consideration of fellow members help make the Jericho Sailing Centre a true community centre with a friendly atmosphere. Here are a few etiquette reminders to keep sailing along smoothly:
·       the areas adjacent to launching ramps are for craft launch/retrieval only. Do not rig, repair or otherwise loiter in this area.
·       launch dollies are for launching/retrieval only (not for storage) and must be returned to the fence immediately after use.
·       if you launch from your own dolly or trailer return it to your storage spot after launching.
·       do not use the winches unless you are familiar with their safe operation. Winch instruction is available from staff or Rescue Team members. Only members or registered guests may use winches & dollies.
·       only leashed, well behaved dogs are allowed in the compound, no dogs are allowed in the building or on the deck. Do not tie dogs to the base of stairwells or in other traffic areas. Do not leave your dog onshore while you are on the water. The City prohibits dogs on beaches. In consideration of other Jericho users please consider leaving your dog at home while visiting the Jericho Sailing Centre.
·       the Jericho Sailing Centre is a Smoke Free Facility-thank you for not smoking anywhere within our compound.
·       Please coil hoses immediately after use and conserve water.
·       Do not block aisle ways.
JSCA Annual General Meeting Date Set
Jericho Sailing Centre Association Notice of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, October 27 at 1900H

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association's 36th Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 1900H in the English Bay Banquet Room of the Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street, Vancouver, B.C. The 2008/2009 J.S.C.A. Board and Committees will report on their accomplishments this past year and the challenges for the future.  Please plan to attend and participate in the future direction of your ocean access community centre.
Call for Nominations
Voting will take place to elect eight members for a two-year term to our 15 member Board of Directors.   The J.S.C.A. Board meets once a month to set policy and determine Jericho's direction. Interested members who have time and expertise to offer are invited to submit a letter indicating their experience and areas of interest to the J.S.C.A. Nominations Committee c/o the Jericho office no later than 1700H, Tuesday, October 13.   The signed nomination letter must include your name, address and telephone number.   For additional information contact Mike Cotter, J.S.C.A. General Manager 224-4177 or email
Fall Compound Clean-up Volunteer Workparty October 10 & 17 Noon-1600H

The JSCA welcomes all members to attend our Fall Compound Clean-up volunteer workparties October 10 & 17. We will be going through the boat storage compound with a fine tooth comb removing any refuse or non-boat junk. Members who have belongings other than their boat in their Jericho Sailing Centre compound storage space are advised to move it prior to October 8 or possibly lose it.
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On the Water, Your Safety is Your Responsibility
A reminder to members who play on the bay at this time of year-place an extra emphasis on boat safety for yourself and your crew. Jericho Rescue and other boaters are notably scarce at this time of the year so you must take extra care to ensure a safe on water session. It starts with a check of the weather forecast and tidal activity. Let a friend or family member know you are going, where you are going and when you expect to be back on shore (follow-up with an après sailing phone call). Do a meticulous pre-launch check of your craft and equipment. Recognize when conditions are beyond your ability and choose not to launch. Make sure you are properly dressed-wetsuit/drysuit/hat/booties/gloves-including your PFD. Double check your safety equipment-paddles, bailer, whistle, flares. Know when the sun is setting and understand that the wind often shuts off abruptly in the hour before sunset. Don't go farther from shore than you care to paddle back if you or your equipment should fail or the wind shuts off.
One final tip: enclose your fully charged cell phone in two sealed sandwich bags and keep on your person. In the event of a sea disaster you can't solve yourself, dialing *311 will put you in touch with the Canadian Coast Guard's Rescue Coordination Centre.
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