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August 19, 2009
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Ahoy Members:
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for August 19-25, 2009 and beyond:
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters Discovery
For many years now the JSCA affiliated Discovery Sailing Club has exemplified the spirit of the Jericho Sailing Centre community by welcoming crews from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization to discover Vancouver's ocean playground.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters offers mentoring opportunities for kids disadvantaged by life's circumstances and depends on organizations like the Discovery Sailing Club to donate services and volunteer time to provide quality experiences for these kids and their mentors.
This Saturday, the Discovery Sailing Club, in cooperation with the Jericho Sailing Centre Association welcomes the BBBSC to the Jericho Sailing Centre for their annual "Discovery" sailing day. Thank you in advance to all of the volunteers from the Discovery Sailing Club and the Jericho Rescue Team for making this a special day for these kids.

If you are interested in learning more about the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, mentor your mouse over to
Discover Discovery
The Discovery Sailing Club currently has openings for new members and is offering an August sign-up special to new members. This friendly, family oriented club has a fleet which includes sailing dinghies, windsurfers and ocean kayaks. They have an excellent member-to-boat ratio and have regular BBQ's and social events. For more info gybe over to or phone Erin O'Connor (604)338-2365 or Joel Taylor (604)838-4269.
Jericho Beach Airstation Presentation Sept. 22
Fresh off his cross Canada presentation tour celebrating the 2009 Canadian "Centennial of Flight" Chris Weicht, author of "JERICHO BEACH and the West Coast Flying Boat Stations" touches down in the last remaining building of the former air station, the Jericho Sailing Centre on Tuesday, September 22 at 1900H.
Chris' presentation includes numerous images of the Jericho Sailing Centre's previous, historically significant, incarnation and is of interest not only to history or aviation buffs, but anyone who has ever moved their hull through the wind and waves on English Bay. Seating is limited, tickets are $10 for the public and $5 for JSCA Members. Proceeds will be used to commemorate the history of the Jericho Beach Air Station on the walls of the Jericho Sailing Centre.
Copies of Chris' book are available for sale in the JSCA office for $46.
Jericho Sail Racing

Sunday Racing - Every Sunday at 1230H Precisely
Tuesday Nite Racing - Every Tuesday 1815H Sharp

Send us your Jericho Sailing Centre Photos

We are looking for "Jericho style" photos to spice up our website, newsletter and promote the Jericho Sailing Centre. Please send us your photos with a brief description.

Thanks to Jericho Rescue Team member Rob Murota for capturing this and our cover shot at August 11 Tuesday Racing and sharing them with us.
Send us your Jericho Sailing Centre Videos
Climb on board an RS 800 sailing dinghy with Harry and Emma Coleman, hook in and hang on as they ride the giant salty waterslide from Spanish Bank to Kits Beach while the gulls gawk in awe.
UBC Sailing Club 50th Anniversary Celebration - Backwash
Light winds were well bouyed by the effervescent spirit of celebration as members of the UBC Sailing Club held a birthday bash on Saturday, August 15 to mark the 50th Anniversary of their club.

A full slate of club on water events included a sailing regatta, windsurfing "smackdown" and the little gem shown in this photo where teams constructed their own craft out of limited materials and raced them around a mark.

Should the club ever experience cutbacks in their boat  budget they won't likely skip a beat.
Jericho H20 Wear

Looking cool in the heat has never been easier than in Jericho H2O wicking wear. Technical, stylish shirts allow the wind and water to breeze through and are quick drying. Check them out in the JSCA office or on our website at
JSCA 2009 AGM Date Set

Jericho Sailing Centre Association
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, October 27 at 1900H
The Jericho Sailing Centre Association's 36th Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 1900H in the English Bay Banquet Room of the Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street, Vancouver, B.C. The 2008/2009 J.S.C.A. Board and Committees will report on their accomplishments this past year and the challenges for the future.  Please plan to attend and participate in the future direction of your ocean access community centre.
Call for Nominations
Voting will take place to elect eight members for a two-year term to our 15 member Board of Directors.   The J.S.C.A. Board meets once a month to set policy and determine Jericho's direction. Interested members who have time and expertise to offer are invited to submit a letter indicating their experience and areas of interest to the J.S.C.A. Nominations Committee c/o the Jericho office no later than 1700H, Tuesday, October 13.   The signed nomination letter must include your name, address and telephone number.   For additional information contact Mike Cotter, J.S.C.A. General Manager 224-4177 or email
Upcoming JSCA Meetings:

Operations Committee         August 24 @ 1900H
JSCA Board                       September 14 @ 1900H
Safety is Your Responsibility - Tip of the Week - Rule 7

The Canada Shipping Act Collision Regulations Rule 7(a) reads " Every vessel shall use all available means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions to determine if risk of collision exists. If there is any doubt such risk shall be deemed to exist." What this means in context to the waters around the Jericho Sailing Centre is that even though you have the right to be in the area, if you sail, paddle, row, motor or drift into an obvious race area, beginner lesson, group paddle, etc., and a collision results you may be found to be responsible even if you have the apparent right of way. An example of this occurred several years ago when a sailing vessel on Starboard tack sailed right through a beginner sailing lesson and was struck by a novice skipper on Port tack. An On Water Tribunal found the Starboard Tack vessel failed to recognize the circumstances: a closely grouped formation of yellow Escape sailing dinghies herded by an instructor in a coach boat and was found to be partially at fault.  In EVERY circumstance it is everyone's responsibility to avoid a collision. For more information on safe boating tack over to: .
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