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June 17, 2009

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Ahoy JSCA Members:
Here is what's "in the wind". Upcoming events and items of interest to the 3,500 members of the JSCA and the many other users of the Jericho Sailing Centre.
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Safety Seminar Monday
NO Boozin' & Cruisin'
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THIS WEEKEND - Pacific NW Cat Herd Prowls Jericho
For the past 9 lives or so the Jericho Sailing Centre has been one of the favourite stops on the Pacific Northwest Hobie Cat Racing circuit. The discerning crews that infest the cats of this spirited international fleet love to feast on the coastal mountain view, scratch their wake with hull flying pounces over Vancouver's idyllic seascape, whisker their fully battened Mylar sails with superior slinky stealth through the mid-June Pacific Ocean air currents and at the end of the days, cat fancy flop their spent hull bottoms on the kitty litter fine sands of Jericho Beach. Who says Vancouver isn't a sailor friendly city? Who says cats are afraid of the water?

The catamaran's original litter was born on the southern coast of India sailing the fleets of the ancient Tamil Choa dynasty to their catfight invasions of Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia in the 5th century AD. From there the cat roamed to Polynesia where cross beam "akas" joined twin hull "amas" and the rest of the sailing world began to think outside the box of traditional mono-hulled weight distribution and into the "ran right up the tree" realm of leveraged multi-hulled geometry. A higher sail area to weight ratio combined with the advantage of wider beam stability made cats faster and multi-hulled sailboats multiplied and expanded throughout the world over the centuries, always viewed as "way out there" outcasts in the traditional sailing world. (and why not? When they are hiking out on that flying windward hull, they are indeed "way out there")

California surfer Hobie Alter altered water faring feline history in the mid-1960's when he introduced a mass-produced fiberglass beach catamaran, a poor man's racing "yacht" that was easily transportable and thus purringly friendly for sailor folk with an itch to get together and travel-the Hobie Cat revolutionized catamaran sailing everywhere. Since those early Hobie times, the Stone Age of Alter, the Pacific Northwest Hobie Cat caravans have made the annual pilgrimage to and from circuit venue's throughout Washington State and Oregon, and of course, the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

At this weekend's Jericho Classic Hobie Regatta the latest generation Hobie Tigers will join the splashing, lashing, frenzied fray in a 3 ring circus of talented cat sailing skill. These egg shell fragile, super light highly tuned, high performance, cat gut wind and wave instruments in the weathered hands of a Maestro Skipper and crew, will burn around the sail race course like a steroid juiced kitten after a bouncing wet ball of yarn.

Hobie Fleet #214 and the Jericho Sailing Centre Association's regatta management team are prepared to face the ferocious feline competition this weekend with fearless confidence and courage because they know that, unlike most others, with a few well placed race marks and precisely measured sound signals, these cats are relatively easy to herd.
There will be no regular Sunday Racing this weekend as the Jericho Sailing Centre hosts the 2009 Jericho Hobie Classic Regatta, but just to make you mon-hull racers feel better we've included this picture of the recent Jericho Classic Regatta taken by Jericho Rescue Team member Rob Murota.
Whistle Stop - English Bay Safety Seminar

The JSCA office set a new sales (sails?) record for safety whistles over this week after members were alerted to the importance of carrying a whistle in last week's "in the wind".  We don't sell serrated edge knives but did you know that every sailor should carry one? (the preferred knife of choice for the Jericho Rescue Team members  is the Leatherman). Come to the English Bay Safety Seminar this Monday, June 22 at 1900H and find out why.

Skippers are completely responsible for their safety and that of their crew when out on the water. If your knowledge is lacking here is your chance to fill in the gaps. The English Bay Safety Seminar is based on the "sea disasters" experienced in English Bay over the last 35 years as written in the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team. RSVP JSCA Office (604)224-4177.
SAFETY NOTICE - Beware of Jericho Pier Fishers!

Last week a JSCA member's young crew was almost hit by a crab trap flung from the Jericho Pier as she sailed by at what she thought was a safe distance.  While it is shocking to think that some chowderhead would actually target passing boats for sport, this is not the first time it has happened.  As the Jericho Pier is a very popular fishing location we recommend users of the Jericho Sailing Centre stay at least 50 M from the end of it.
Alcohol and Seawater do not Mix

There are some members who think it's ok to bring their own alcohol to the Jericho Sailing Centre - it is not.  The Jericho Sailing Centre is a city owned public facility managed by the non-profit Jericho Sailing Centre Association in co-operation with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. The only alcohol permitted by law at the Jericho Sailing Centre is served under the JSCA's license under the contracted management of the Jericho Galley Patio & Grill. From time to time the JSCA authorizes affiliated groups to serve alcohol at their social functions for their members and guests only under Special Occasion Licenses in full compliance with the law.

The purpose of alcohol accessibility at our ocean access community centre is to augment the social aspects of après sailing/paddling/rowing activity. Nothing washes the salt off of your tonsils better than an ice cold glass of golden nectar, or goes down with a Vancouver sunset better than a glass of Galley wine.  For those who are French challenged, après is after, and that is where the emphasis of intended purpose must be placed. Alcohol affects Skippers of watercraft the same way it affects drivers on the road, impairing judgment, dexterity and reflexes. But alcohol goes much further in working against the Skippers and crew of watercraft making them much more susceptible to hypothermia and sapping their strength and energy.

For those who weren't aware of this, now you are. For those who are aware but choose to ignore this, you are breaking the law, and your selfish actions could jeopardize JSCA's Liquor License, our agreement with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and undermine the overall prevailing safety attitude of the Jericho Sailing Centre community. JSCA Staff, volunteers and concerned members will be keeping an eye out for the small few who would abuse the Jericho Sailing Centre at the expense of everyone else.
World Police & Fire Games Looking for a few more Lasers

Thank you to the twenty-five members have already volunteered the use of their Lasers for participants in the World Police and Fire Games August 5-7, 2009. We are still a few boats short. If you have a Laser in good condition you are willing to lend to one of these heroes please let me know.

The 2009 World Police & Fire Games is open to full-time law enforcement officers, firefighters, border and customs officers and corrections guards from around the world. These emergency services athletes are coming to British Columbia to compete in the 13th World Police & Fire Games in a celebration of community, camaraderie, friendship and athletic competition.
We are looking to secure boats a few more Lasers for the sailing competition at the 2009 World Police and Fire Games. We are asking local owners of Lasers in good condition to lend us your Laser for 5 days (August 3 - 7) for the Games athletes. The 2009 WPFG Games are prepared to offer you a $200 honorarium and two complimentary tickets to the "Concert in the Park" at Burnaby's Deer Lake Park on August 3, featuring a salmon barbeque and world-renowned musical talent, for the use of your boat for the competition.

Most competitors will bring sail, rudder and lines, so we are asking you to provide the hull, centreboard and spars.  The boats need to be at Jericho Sailing Centre by Monday, August  3, and will be returned to you after sailing ends, Friday evening, August 7. There will be a qualified shipwright at the event to deal with small repairs if necessary, and will ensure your boat is clean and tidy when we return it at the end of the event.
World Police & Fire Games- Volunteer Meeting

There will be a meeting for JSCA members willing to help out with on-shore logistics to support the Laser Regatta of the World Police and Fire Games August 5-7 at the Jericho Sailing Centre. The meeting will be next Tuesday, June 23 at 1700H. If you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to volunteer please contact me via return email.
Send us Your Jericho Photos

We are always on the lookout for photos of interest for our newsletters and website. If you have some please send them along like Lieutenant (Navy) Andrew Kerr who sent us this one of Sea Cadets involved in the Navy League of Canada Regatta held last weekend at the Jericho Sailing Centre.
Member Special Nights in the Sailor's Lounge

Wednesdays are Member Special Nights in the Jericho Sailing Centre Sailor's Lounge from 1700-2200H. Come out and enjoy a weekly food special and a 16 oz Galley Patio Lager for only $10.99 + taxes.  The Galley Patio & Grill is also offering a 16 oz glass of Galley Patio Lager on its own for 4.39 + taxes.  These are substantially discounted prices, and are exclusively available to members. (No substitutions, only available in the Lounge, Member Card Required).
Support Disabled Sailing and Enjoy Fine French Dining

Jericho sailors Laurent and Valerie Devin are inviting your taste buds to support the Disabled Sailing Association of BC located here at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Five percent of their Bistrot Bistro Tuesday night restaurant sales in the month of June will be donated to the DSA.  For more info.  Navigate your fork over to and Bon Appetite!

Coach's Clinic with Dave Thomas - Tuesday June 30

Former Canadian Olympic Sailing Team Coach and MacSailing School Co-owner Dave Thomas will conduct his 3rd Annual JSCA Coaching Clinic on Tuesday, June 30. There will be a pre-race Skipper's Meeting at 1730H. First start will be 1815H. Races will be videotaped and we'll all come back to the Burrard Room for an extensive photogenic debrief and to buy the Coach beers.
Volunteer Work Parties - June 27 & 28 @ 1000H

We are looking for volunteers to help out with various work projects at the Jericho Sailing Centre including picnic table repair, painting and blackberry removal.
Upcoming JSCA Meetings

Operations Committee          June 24 @ 1900H
JSCA Board                             July13 at 1900
Safety Committee Meeting   July 20 @ 1900H

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