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Jericho Sailing Centre in the wind

Marina Backwash
Many members of the JSCA and other concerned friends of Jericho Park responded with passion to the discussion at the recent Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation Planning Committee meeting of injecting a full service marina with all the bells and whistles, including fine dining establishments, in the Park. The idea was floated by representatives of the BC Marine Trades Association and Pacific Yachting Magazine, and was enthusiastically supported by the Chair of the Committee, Commissioner Marty Zlotnik.

Since the meeting, other Park Board Commissioners have been quick to distance themselves from Mr. Zlotnik's comments, recognizing that the Jericho Sailing Centre Association has provided stewardship over the ocean portion of Jericho Park since its inception; introducing thousands of Vancouverites to their ocean environment each year and providing safety and rescue services at no cost to taxpayers; a unique specialized, low cost ocean access community centre for small, non-motor powered craft serving Vancouver citizens from all walks of life.

The Park Board has said they will develop an overall Boating Strategy for Vancouver. For the past 35 years the unwritten and unofficial Boating Strategy for Vancouver has preserved the ocean portion of Jericho Park for all citizens who wish to enjoy a low cost, natural ocean experience in non-motor powered watercraft. The area, for the most part, has been kept clear of recreational craft with motors and sewage holding tanks. This has allowed our ocean kayaking, windsurfing and dinghy sailing schools to safely introduce thousands of Vancouver citizens each year to their ocean. Since it opened 15 years ago, our ocean kayaking school has taught 11,000 kids how to paddle safely in the ocean in Jericho Park. Many more kids have learned to sail dinghies and windsurf here.

As the good stewards of this area, the JSCA will be involved in the Boating Strategy process and recommend perpetual continuation of the currently designated non-motorized, naturally powered use. The ocean portion of Jericho Park is the only place in the city where people from all over Vancouver can come and enjoy low cost, small craft ocean access without the danger and pollution associated with motors, larger craft and sewage holding tanks.

The JSCA is not opposed to new marina facilities in Vancouver; we are concerned about the continuation of Jericho Park ocean area use and how changes could effect our ability to meet the future demand for safe, low cost, non-motor powered ocean access, programs for the people of Vancouver. There are other places in Vancouver where a marina could be located without sacrificing this uniquely Vancouver park area.

It may be some time before the BS process even begins, likely after the civic election in November, however the JSCA will strive to keep our members informed on developments as they occur and will report the views of each Park Board election candidate with respect to the future of the ocean portion of Jericho Park.

Marina Discussion Reaction Reflects Jericho Park Environmentalist Roots
During the Vancouver Habitat Forum in April 1976, 25,000 people crowded the wharf over Jericho Beach in front of the Jericho Sailing Centre and cheered through a twenty knot breeze filled, spring afternoon as the Green Peace vessel "Rainbow Warrior" weighed anchor on its voyage to confront the Soviet whaling fleet in the initial skirmish of their "Save the Whales" Campaign.

Throughout the early 1970's, not far away, from their headquarters on hippie laden 4th Avenue, Green Peace had been twisting up a new consciousness: raising awareness of, and protecting the environment. They sparked up a "born in Vancouver" movement, blowing smoke into the eyes of industry and the establishment, changing the way people looked at ecology. Buoyed by an upstart, alternative, anti-establishment hippie rag called the Georgia Straight and an infiltrator in the mainstream media, Vancouver Sun journalist Bob Hunter, people in Vancouver became more aware of the air, the water, the earth around them through Green Peace and they began to care. The Green Peace message spread swiftly throughout the western world-a "Mind Bomb" that caught the collective attention like an atomic mushroom cloud.

Those Green Peace boat rockers are someone's grandparents now but they never lost our attention. In 2001 the survivors of the original Green Peace "Rainbow Warrior" crew came back to the Jericho Sailing Centre to mark the 25th Anniversary of their epic voyage. A much different April day, calm and warm, and the world itself was much different because of what they did during their earlier days. They changed the world and the way we look at it, and they passed the torch to us. Their mission has not been completed, it may never be, and Jericho Park remembers well because the spirit of Green Peace never ever left here.

Reaction by JSCA members and other friends of Jericho Park to the suggestion of injecting hundreds of internal combustion engines and sewage holding tanks into the unspoiled ocean area of Jericho Park accurately reflects the spirit of the areas environmentalist pioneers and so, a movement patiently waits by the beach to see what changes an overall Vancouver Boating Strategy might propose.

For more information on the history of Green Peace campaign over to:

Volunteer Work Parties - This weekend
1) Annual Battle of the blackberries.
Blackberries are starting to over run portions of our fence and other common areas in our compound. This Saturday we will arm volunteers with shears, root pullers and leather gloves in our annual struggle with invasive blackberries 1000H.

2) Boat Moving & Compound Clean-up
Bailiff bound boats are being removed from their spots freeing up some ground space. Volunteers who help with boat moving and compound clean-up will be given first crack at the newly vacated spots. 1130H

Is this Your Boat?
When boats start to look like blackberry planters it is an obvious sign they are not being actively used. Active use is a requirement of craft stored at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Owners of blackberry planters will be contacted and given 30 days notice to "use it or lose it". We will gladly refund the unused portion of their storage fee in order that we may accommodate members who are on the waiting list.

Sunday Racing This Weekend
With our June regatta schedule complete we are back to regular programming with Sunday Racing every weekend starting at 1230H Sharp.

Join the Jericho Kayak Fleet
The Jericho Kayak Fleet is inviting JSCA paddlers to come out and join them for Social Paddles on Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and the odd Full Moon. They meet at the east side of ramp #4 on Thursdays at 1900H and Saturdays at 0845H. For further information e-mail Gail Owen at

Windsurfing Wednesdays 1800H-2000H
Coaching tips to help you get the most out of your windsurfing, completely free to JSCA members, meet on the beach west of ramp 4: This program is weather dependent and won't be offered in the rain or in no wind. This is not an introductory lesson; please see the fine folks at Windsure Windsurfing for lesson program info.

Send us your Jericho Sailing Centre photos.
We are looking for "Jericho style" photos to spice up our website, newsletter and promote the Jericho Sailing Centre. Please send us your photos with a brief description.

BAILIFF AUCTION Saturday, July 5 at Noon
Registered notices have been sent to the following former JSCA members informing them that their craft is heading for the Bailiff Auction:
Garner Bolderson Davidson 12
Robin Ferrier KC 17
Chris Gardner Kayak
Rhiannon Lynne Jones Laser
Michael Lukes Laser
John David Richardson Laser
Jeremy Sheppard Sailboard
George Wade Canoe
CORRECTION NOTICE: A clerical error previously put Jan Mahan on this list and we would like to apologize profusely and let everyone know that Jan is an all round good guy and active sailor who was always a member in good standing while he was a JSCA Member.

Mystery Trailer Owners Beware
There are several mystery trailers scattered around the Jericho Sailing Centre compound. The JSCA does not allow storage of trailers without a corresponding craft which must be stored on the trailer. We will put a lien on these trailers and include them with the Bailiff Auction on July 5 if no owners come forward.

Tuesday Nite Racing - Every Tuesday 1815H Sharp

Jericho Folk Club
The JFC injects music into the soul of the Jericho Sailing Centre every Tuesday between now and the end of September. 1930H Session; 2000H Open Stage; 2120H Feature Artist. $8 admission. For more info call (604) 222-4113

JSCA Office Hours
Hours; Tuesdays-Saturdays 0930H-2030H; Sunday & Monday 0930H-1800H Gates open at 0700H and are locked at Dusk. (approx. 2121H). The office closes every Wednesday between Noon and 1230H for our weekly staff meeting which helps us better serve the JSCA.

Upcoming JSCA Meetings:
Board Meeting July 14 @ 1900H
Operations Meeting July 21 @ 1830H

English Bay Safety Seminar July 14 & 28 @ 1900H
This 2 hour seminar covers all the known hazards in English Bay as experienced by members over the past 35 years and chronicled in the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team. Why learn the hard way in nature's harsh elements? Learn from the mistakes of others in a nice dry classroom. RSVP JSCA Office.

Safety is Your Responsibility - Tip of the Week - Thunder Showers

Last week we saw thundershowers in the landlubber forecast that never really materialized over the inlet. The general rule of thumb here is when you hear the first burst of thunder get off the water. In addition to the obvious visual indicator - thunderhead clouds - wind, directly from the north with a noticeable increase in temperature are signs of potential thunder activity. Thundershowers generally pass by as quickly as they arrive, so get to shore have a quick break and you'll be able to jump back out on the water as soon as she passes.

Fair winds,

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