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Jericho Sailing Centre in the wind

Ahoy JSCA Members:
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre, for May 29-June 5, 2008 and beyond:

Coach's Corner- Special Edition Tuesday Nite Racing June 3
Former Canadian Olympic Sailing Team Coach and MacSailing School Co-owner, Dave Thomas, is back this year for another Special Edition of Tuesday Nite Racing at the Jericho Sailing Centre. The evening starts with an instructional Skippers Meeting at 1730H in the plaza outside of the east entrance to the building (come rigged and ready to launch if you can). Dave will then come on board "Jericho Rescue" and analyze the racing while we film the evening's action. Then, for the meagre price of an apr├Ęs racing beer a Galley sandwich special and a large bag of gummi bears, the Coach will conduct a video debrief and interactive racing seminar. Last year's Coach's clinic was one of the highlights of the Jericho Racing season, Dave's awesome breakdown of winning strategies and tactics gave everyone who attended a boost-and hey look, it's the last Tuesday Race before the Jericho Classic Regatta June 7 & 8 - don't miss this one.

Rookies Racing on TV
Shaw TV will be featuring the Jericho Classic Regatta as part of their "Big Summer" outdoor activity series. Erin Shaw and her crew will be climbing aboard Jericho Rescue and filming some close quarters racing action. As part of the feature, Erin would like to profile a participant who is racing in their first regatta. A follow-up interview and film session will take place prior to and during Tuesday Nite Racing on June 10. If this is your first regatta and you are interested in being profiled please contact me by reply email.

Join the Jericho Kayak Fleet
The Jericho Kayak Fleet is inviting JSCA paddlers to come out and join them for Social Paddles on Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and the odd Full Moon. They meet at the east side of ramp #4 on Thursdays at 1900H and Saturdays at 0845H. For further information e-mail Gail Owen at

Windsurfing Wednesdays 1800H-2000H
One good tip from a professional windsurfing coach can save you dozens of adrenalin laced drops in the drink. Since 1980 I have taught hundreds of people how to windsurf and improve their 'surfin' technique, whatever their level. Come out on Wednesday evenings between 1800H-2000H, tell me what you'd like to work on and I'll give you the tips you need to get you to the next level. Completely free to JSCA members, meet on the beach west of ramp 4: This program is weather dependent and won't be offered in the rain or in no wind. This is not an introductory lesson, please see the fine folks at Windsure Windsurfing for lesson program info.

Who Remembers?
Our veteran friends, representing the original occupiers of the Jericho Sailing Centre, have asked me to pass along this message to our members seeking support for a monument to remember those who served our country via the Jericho Beach Flying Boat Station. They were there for us, if you possibly can, please support them.

Four separate veterans' organizations, 801 (Vancouver) Wing, Air Force Association of Canada; Air Crew Association (Vancouver Branch); Air Force Officers Association (Vancouver) and the BC Veterans Commemorative Association, have formed an informal partnership to erect an educational monument to record the little known story of the Jericho Beach Flying Boat Station, constructed in 1920 through the auspices of the Federal Air Board of the day.

Jericho Beach was the first Canadian Air Force and, in 1924, the first R.C.A.F. station in BC, marking an important milestone in Air Force history. The station also has a rich history in pioneering aviation and in the development of BC's remote coastal communities via the civil flight services provided to various Federal and Provincial government ministries. These services included patrolling, mapping, inspection and transportation, encompassing all areas of BC's rugged coastal waterways during the 1920's and early 1930's.

In the years leading up to World War II the station played a vital role in expanding BC's coastal defences and became the control centre with the establishment of Western Air Command at Jericho Beach. With the replacement of flying boats by long-range land-based aircraft at the end of the war, flying ceased at Jericho Beach in 1947 and the Air Force vacated the station, which was taken over by the Army as the main military centre in BC. With the unification of the forces in 1969 the military vacated the former Jericho Air base property which was transferred to the City of Vancouver by P.M. Trudeau the same year.

In the ensuing years the property was developed as a park under the jurisdiction of the Vancouver Parks Board and the hangars, personnel quarters and most of the other facilities were removed and the station's role in history disappeared along with its structures<with the exception of former DND Building 13-the Jericho Sailing Centre>. To this day, nothing has been put in place to mark the station's past presence or the significant role it played in BC and Air Force history.

Another interesting element of the Jericho Beach story involves third-generation, major BC ship-builder, Clarence Wallace, builder of the famous WWII Liberty ships and future Lt. Governor of BC from 1950-55. In 1944 he presented the station with a sports field in the name of his four sons, all serving in the R.C.A.F. during WWII. His oldest son was a Hurricane pilot in the Battle of Britain and was lost in action over Europe a year later. Twin sons were Spitfire pilots and both shot down in 1944, one over Albania, the other over France just after D-Day, surviving the war as P.O.W,s. The presentation was marked by the dedication of a Cairn and plaque and the event widely reported by the media.

In the years following transfer of the property the Wallace Field was incorporated into the extended sports field area and, sometime around 1980, the Cairn was demolished and the plaque disappeared and another piece of history was erased. In the late 1990's and early 2000's, interest in the missing plaque was revived and through the efforts of 801 Wing the plaque was unexpectedly discovered, after narrowly escaping disposal as unwanted metal trash. It was turned over to 801 Wing after consultation with the last surviving Wallace son, subsequently leading to the current effort by dwindling WWII veterans to restore the Wallace Monument and plaque with an additional plaque recording the historical highlights of the Jericho Beach Flying Boat station.
A presentation was made to the Vancouver Parks Board and the project approved 31 March 2008. The various elements of the project are well-advanced and the next major phase is in raising the necessary funds, estimated total $16,000. Those interested in supporting this worthwhile project are invited to send their donations, large or small to 801 Vancouver Wing - AFAC, c/o Mr. Ian Whiting, Wing Treasurer, No. 38 - 998 Riverside Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Y4. Cheques can be made out to "RCAF Association Trust" and CRA charitable receipts will be mailed within 30 days.

Send us your Jericho Sailing Centre photos.
We are looking for "Jericho style" photos to spice up our website, newsletter and promote the Jericho Sailing Centre. Please send us your photos with a brief description.

Thanks to RCAF veteran Jerrold Vernon for providing this photo of DND Jericho Beach from September 1962.

Late Fee Jumps to $90 June 1
If you haven't paid your 2008 JSCA Storage Fees yet get on board quickly. This Sunday the late fee increases to $90 and shortly after that we start claiming the craft under the Warehouse Lien Act.
We are still chipping away at our unpaid storage list and have been unsuccessful in contacting former members: Thomas Deutscher, Chris Gardner, Jan Mahan, Jason Malone, Barry & Peter Oland, Brent Stoeckel and Daniel Snell. If you happen to know any of these folks please give them the heads up and ask them to contact the JSCA office right away-their craft are heading for the craggy rocks of the bailiff auction and they may not even realize it.

Bike to Work Week Extended
JSCA President, Gail Owen, has once again grabbed the bull by the handlebars and registered our environmentally friendly organization for "Bike to Work Week . JSCA members are encouraged to mount your trusty steed and log your wheeling kilometres. Peddle over to: Although we have come to the end of the road on Bike to Work Week members are encouraged to register as the website will continue to log cycled kilometres and calculate the combined CO2 emmissions saved by our members.

Upcoming Events:
June 7 & 8 Jericho Classic Regatta
The Notice of Race for this year's Jericho Classic Regatta is on the Racing Page of our website at .
Sunday Racing - Sunday 1230H Sharp
Tuesday Nite Racing - Tuesday 1815H Sharp
June 7th UBC Sailing Club Beach Party
Kick off the summer at one of the best and hottest beach parties of the year. The Neins Circa and two local DJ's will make you rock, jump and shake that thang all night long. Doors open at 8pm at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Bring ID!!!
Tickets are $12 Get your tickets through UBC Sailing, Zulu, Red Cat or Scratch Records. For more information visit .
June 21 & 22 Hobie Classic Regatta

Jericho Folk Club
The JFC injects music into the soul of the Jericho Sailing Centre every Tuesday between now and the end of September. 1930H Session; 2000H Open Stage; 2120H Feature Artist. $8 admission. For more info call (604) 222-4113

Pay Parking Now in Effect
Pay Parking is now in effect in Jericho Beach Park. The cost is $1/hour or $5/day. Members who wish to purchase a $60 season parking pass for Jericho Beach Park can pick up the forms in the JSCA office or via our website . Pay parking is in effect from now - September 30, 2008.

Retire Your Tires
Members who currently store their craft on tires are asked to participate in the JSCA's effort to rid our compound of old rubber. Members may trade these tires to the JSCA for foam blocks at no cost to them. The tires will be collected by the JSCA under the BC Tire Stewardship Program and sent for recycling. Members are asked to help us rid the compound of tires, a breeding ground for mosquitoes which could potentially spread the West Nile Virus, as soon as possible. While we prefer not to tamper with boats stored on tires, any tires remaining under boats after the end of May may be removed by volunteer work parties.

JSCA Office Hours
Hours; Tuesdays-Saturdays 0930H-2030H; Sunday & Monday 0930H-1800H Gates open at 0700H and are locked at Dusk. (approx. 2100H). The office closes every Wednesday between Noon and 1230H for our weekly staff meeting which helps us better serve the JSCA.

Upcoming JSCA Meetings:
Operations Committee June 2 @ 1900H
JSCA Board Meeting June 9 @ 1900H

English Bay Safety Seminar June 16, June 23 & July 14 & 28 @ 1900H
This 2 hour seminar covers all the known hazards in English Bay as experienced by members over the past 35 years and chronicled in the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team. Why learn the hard way in nature's harsh elements? Learn from the mistakes of others in a nice dry classroom. RSVP JSCA Office.

Safety is Your Responsibility - Tip of the Week Members helping Members
Before there ever was an organized Jericho Rescue Team at the Jericho Sailing Centre there was the basic principle of seafarers helping each other in times of distress. Members helping members is the principle upon which the Jericho Rescue Team was founded and operates to this day. One of the first things new Rescue Team members are taught is that you don't need a specially equipped rescue boat to assist someone in distress on the water. The Jericho Rescue Team rescued over 200 people last year but many more were assisted by members who were not part of this program. Anytime you see a fellow member in distress you are obligated to help-it's the code of the sea. If you are unable to provide first hand assistance you can notify the JSCA office on shore or contact the Coast Guard via the Victoria Rescue Coordination Centre at 1-800-567-5111 or on your cell *311. A cell phone in a zip lock bag is a valuable rescue tool.

Fair winds,

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