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in the wind XXXVII
Jericho Sailing Centre in the wind

Jericho Sailing Centre "in the wind" November 16, 2007


Ahoy JSCA Members:

Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, your ocean access community centre, for November 16-22, 2007 and beyond:


Galloping La Nina Funnels Flying Boats

The white horses of winter are gathering more frequently this year to gallop their way across the salty range of English Bay. The weather folk say that a La Nina winter tends to funnel winter storms, which normally landfall on the northern BC coast, to the lower coast so we should be prepared to ride out a volatile white cap infested season.

The Remembrance Day weekend storm rekindled some old memories as "flying boats" were once again taking off from the former RCAF Jericho Air Station -though it wasn't by design. In one case a 22' Tornado catamaran lifted off from its storage space landing on a neighbouring Tornado. Members who owned the more obviously wind disheveled craft received phone calls from JSCA staff, but our resources are spread thin this time of year and we may not have spotted them all. A tarp that was simply loosened by the last storm may turn into a spinnaker in the next one causing your boat to be the bucking bronco in a fiberglass rodeo; and you, could be on the hook for the damage.  

If you haven't checked out your boat lately, now is a good time to clear out the cobwebs in your hay loft, saddle up, take a scenic trot to Jericho Beach and check your trusty wave steed to make sure it's still in the stable. While you're here, canter over to the Jericho Galley-it's open on weekends so you can grab a coffee, hot chocolate or even strap on a feedbag and watch the stampeding waves trample the shoreline.


Jericho Winter Kayaking Group

Last Saturday's "calm before the storm" was the perfect time for the first gathering of the recently, ever so loosely formed, Jericho Winter Kayaking Group. They had so much fun they'll be doing it again on:
Saturday Nov 17th @ 9:00 am for 2 hours
Friday Nov 23 @ 6:30 pm for 2 hours
Saturday Dec 1 @ 9:00 am for 2 hours
(Weather may change these dates and times.)

Any interested members who are properly equipped and dressed are welcome to join in. To get onto the groups emailing list or for more info. contact Gail Owen at  The group prides itself in sharing and practicing safe paddling procedures.


Director Resignation

Norm Eldridge, who has served on the JSCA Board for the past two years, is relocating to the sailing grounds of Victoria and has resigned from his position. Thank you Norm and bon voyage. The Board is inviting interested JSCA members to submit a letter of interest to fill this vacant position. The nomination deadline is December 10, 2007 at 1630H. Nominees are asked to attend the December 11 JSCA Board meeting at 1900H. If you would like more information please contact me via reply email or by phone at 224-4177.


Developing the JSCA's Annual Action Plan for 2008

The 2008 JSCA Board met for the first time this past Tuesday and established the initial Committee Meeting Schedule. Members are encouraged to participate on the committees to ensure that the JSCA serves all members. If you are unable to personally attend but have some ideas you'd like to see happen please email me and I will take them to the appropriate committee meeting. The following is a list of JSCA standing committees and a summary of their functions:


OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (Next Meeting November 21 @ 1900H)

To serve as the Jericho Sailing Centre's Technical Maintenance Committee for the building, compound, ramps and beaches. To consider requests for annual allocation and restricted use of club/meet­ing rooms, craft storage, and locker space. To receive and consider members' appeals of administration decisions in reference to storage and space allocation, and make recommenda­tions in writing to the Board.


PROGRAMMES COMMITTEE (Next Meeting November 27 @ 1900H)

To develop policy for all J.S.C.A. Special Events, including: room bookings, compound bookings, race equipment bookings, food and beverage requirements, fee structure of room rental, security, insurance, etc. To ensure that existing policies regarding special events are maintained. To consider and recommend approval of specific major events to be held in future years. To coordinate and provide adequate volunteers for all J.S.C.A. sponsored events such as our Open House, Jericho Classic, etc.

To oversee all aspects of racing at J.S.C.A including development of the annual racing schedule and ensuring training for an adequate number of volunteers. To oversee the production of the J.S.C.A. newsletter to ensure it is produced and distributed with reasonable frequency and adequate quality. To oversee the development and maintenance of the JSCA website.



To provide a structure for the on-going function and development of physical plant of Jericho Sailing Centre Association.


SAFETY COMMITTEE (Next Meeting November 26 @ 0900H)

To oversee the operation and maintenance of all J.S.C.A. power craft and accessory equipment.  Be responsible for training and testing all operators of J.S.C.A. power craft. Oversee the Jericho Rescue Team Program. To maintain a safety conscious atmosphere for J.S.C.A. users, both on the water and in/around the compound.


Complete committee descriptions and all JSCA Board and Committee minutes and meeting schedules can be found on our website at to facilitate member awareness and involvement in their world class, one of a kind, ocean access community centre.


Annual JSCA Fleet Planning Meeting - Tuesday, November 27 @ 1900H

Racers, whatever your class, this is the meeting where we lay out the first draft of the 2008 JSCA Competitive Event Schedule. If you have an idea for an event, come to this meeting, share your ideas and help us plan while there is room on the schedule. In 2007 the Jericho Sailing Centre hosted 90 on water event days, we're likely to do more in 2008, the time to plan is now.


JSCA Office Hours

November Hours 0930H-1630H Weekdays. 0900H-1700H Weekends. Gates open at 0700H and are locked at Dusk. (approx. 1630H).


On the Water, Your Safety is Your Responsibility

A reminder to members who play on the bay at this time of year-place an extra emphasis on boat safety for yourself and your crew. Jericho Rescue and other boaters are notably scarce at this time of the year so you must take extra care to ensure a safe on water session. It starts with a check of the weather forecast and tidal activity. Let a friend or family member know you are going, where you are going and when you expect to be back on shore (follow-up with an après sailing phone call). Do a meticulous pre-launch check of your craft and equipment. Recognize when conditions are beyond your ability and choose not to launch. Make sure you are properly dressed-wetsuit/drysuit/hat/booties/gloves-including your PFD. Double check your safety equipment-paddles, bailer, whistle, flares. Know when the sun is setting and understand that the wind often shuts off abruptly in the hour before sunset. Don't go farther from shore than you care to paddle back if you or your equipment should fail or the wind shuts off.

One final tip: enclose your fully charged cell phone in two sealed sandwich bags and keep on your person. In the event of a sea disaster you can't solve yourself, dialing *311 will put you in touch with the Canadian Coast Guard's Rescue Coordination Centre.

Fair winds,


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