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in the wind XXXVII

Jericho Sailing Centre "in the wind" August 2, 2007

Ahoy JSCA Members:
Here is what's "in the wind", coming events and items of interest at the Jericho Sailing Centre, your ocean access community centre, for August 2-8, 2007 and beyond:

No more Ship Wrecks at Wreck Beach?
Captain George Vancouver & his Discovery crew were the first Europeans to make landfall in this area way back in 1792 at a place they named "Noon Breakfast Point". They were apparently overdue for breakfast and the sandy, sun soaked beach lapped by refreshing waters offered a welcome break from the rigors of life aboard a wooden ship. Two centuries and some ship wrecks later we now know this area as Wreck Beach, Vancouver's only "Sunscreen Mandatory" (clothing optional, if you prefer) beach.

The Greater Vancouver Regional District is seeking public comment on a Transport Canada proposal to implement a Boating Restriction Regulation in this area. According to Seann Greenwood of the GVRD, the proposed regulation is in response to public concerns over safety and the operation of boats in the proximity of swimmers. When he was informed that this is a popular destination point for JSCA members to do just what Captain Vancouver did; or, shiver me timbers; go swimming, he revealed that powerboats and testosterone powered jet skis were the crux of the problem. However, all interested boaters should take notice and be aware-your access could be affected. If you can't bare the thought of losing this historical point of interest as one of your boating destinations you are invited to attend a public meeting on August 8 at 1900H at the UBC Student Union Building Room #207/209. A public opinion survey can be completed online at For more info contact GVRD at 224-5739.
*** If you've never thought of taking your boat here and I've just given you the idea-it's not called "Wreck Beach" for nothing! There are many treacherous rocky shoals and only experienced mariners who are familiar with the charts should consider the trip. If you ship wreck here, it's between you and the Coast Guard and/or commercial marine assistance.

Celebration of Lights Fireworks-Last Blast this Saturday!
The final Celebration of Lights fireworks display takes place on English Bay Saturday, August 4 at 2200H (10pm for landlubbers) The view from the Jericho Sailing Centre is pretty good and a far more traffic/parking friendly venue than English Bay Beach or Kits Point. We strongly recommend that members and guests DO NOT take boats out on fireworks evenings as it is extremely hazardous. At the end of the show, hundreds of boats, all bigger than you, disperse in hundreds of different directions and the resulting turbulent sea surface reflects light in every direction making Jericho size boats impossible to see.

Marginal Progress
The JSCA is preparing for public meetings this Fall on the future of the Marginal Wharf, the concrete expanse to the East protruding over the sea, one of the last legacies of the seaplane base once located on these shores (the Jericho Sailing Centre, former DND Building 13, is another). Our Marginal Wharf Committee met this week and identified criteria supporting 3 key objectives that the JSCA have set as organizational goals with respect to this adjoining park land. They are:
1. Increase the beach area available for small, naturally powered craft.
a.) Increase launching capacity to accommodate a growing user base.
b.) Reduce congestion to improve safety near the shoreline.
c.) Remove all or most of the existing structure.
2. Increase the Jericho Sailing Centre compound to the east with a gate to access the "Marginal" area.
a.) Increase arc of compound to accommodate growing demand for small, naturally powered craft storage.
b.) Provide compound access to the new shoreline launch area.
3. A more effective facility to support the Disabled Sailing Association and other JSCA groups.
a.) Develop a low impact, environmentally sensitive structure which includes a minimum of 200 lineal feet of dock space with a minimum of 6' of depth at 0 foot tide level.
b.) Develop a new building within the expanded compound area to provide public washrooms and space for the DSA, schools and other user groups.

The committee will make a presentation to the JSCA Board at their September 10 meeting-all JSCA members are welcome to attend.

Swift Solos Blown Away
You can add another fleet to the list of converted Jericho junkies. It never fails. When mariners from other ports visit the Jericho Sailing Centre they are inevitably blown away by our unique, world class, ocean access facility. The Swift Solo North American Championships took place from July 22-28. Racers enjoyed a variety of racing conditions from a steady 12-14 knot westerly breeze on Race Day 1 to one race that started in a westerly and finished in an easterly. Jericho's Swift Solo Fleet Captain Michael Jocelyn played host to a contingent of contented visitors which included designer Bram Dally and Canadian Builder Roger Wright. At the end of the day, two more Swift Solos were added to Jericho's fleet. For more info on the Swift Solo oscillate over to

July 2007 Wet Weather Tidbits
Average July precipitation 39.5mm - July 2007 55mm
A record 7 straight days of rainfall
A record amount of precipitation for a 3 day period

Waiting List for Ground Craft Storage Equals Peer Pressure on Inactive Craft
Not using your ground stored craft? The JSCA needs your spot. We currently have 15 boats on our waiting list and we would like to accommodate them all. At this time our staff is taking stock of inactive craft populating the compound. If necessary, under the terms of our Boat Storage Policy, storage rights for these craft may be withdrawn. We are currently asking members who may wish to voluntarily relinquish their ground storage to contact the office to arrange a refund on the unused portion of their storage fees.

LAUNCH Dolly Etiquette
We would like to reminder members that JSCA launch dollies are for everyone's use. Please show consideration of your fellow members by using dollies only for launching and retrieval. Dollies used to launch boats must be immediately returned to the fence and not left on the shoreline.

Monday, August 20 @ 1900H

Garden Party-Volunteer Workparty Bouquets
Many thanks to Paul, Rae, Brian, Don and a hastily scrambled platoon of Sea Dragon Sea Scouts for volunteering at last weekend's volunteer workparty in the south garden west of the Jericho Sailing Centre's main entrance.

Battle of the Blackberries-Volunteer Workparties
This Saturday & Sunday @ 1000H.

Turn your family and friends into Jericho Junkies!
Introduce your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to the Jericho Sailing Centre. Our school programs are filling fast. Windsurfing lessons from $49, kayaking lessons from $69, dinghy sailing lessons from $230. Windsurfing season's passes from $199 Kayaking season's passes $330. Dinghy Sailing season's passes $300.

Weekly Events at the Jericho Sailing Centre
Jericho Folk Club Tuesdays 2000H
Sunday Racing Non-regatta Sundays 1230H
Tuesday Nite Racing Tuesdays 1815H
Ecomarine Thursday Night Paddling Thursdays 1800H

Upcoming JSCA Meetings:
JSCA Board August 13 @ 1900H
JSCA Board September 10 @ 1900H

JSCA Office Hours

0900H-2100H Tuesdays- Saturdays. 0900H-1900H Sundays, Mondays & Holidays. Gates open at 0700H and are locked at Dusk. (approx. 2050H).

Photographers Wanted
We invite all JSCA members to contribute pictures and articles to "the Centreboard" portion of our website simply by replying to this email.

Jericho Sailing Centre Declared an "Essential Service"-- oar maybe knot!
My sincere apologies to anyone whose feathers may have been rustled by my suggestion that the Jericho Sailing Centre is an "Essential Service" in last week's edition of "in the wind". A misunderstanding has occurred for which I take full responsibility due to my frequent capsizing of the English Language- salt water on the brain-my fault.

Over the years JSCA members have told us through surveys and in person that they enjoy the escapism and freedom that a launch from the Centre can provide them. They have communicated the mind cleansing, stress reducing, soul freeing, joy, exhilaration, relaxation and sense of well being that their Jericho Sailing Centre sessions deliver. They have waxed eloquently about the healthy, wet wild, fun and excitement, laugh with the gulls, impact their ocean odysseys have had on their lives: as one member once put it, "I sail, therefore I am". Their words, not mine.

This was the spirit of last weeks rash declaration that the Jericho Sailing Centre is an Essential Service, it was not meant to trifle with the BC Labour Relation Board's official definition which include Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, all of which are most worthy of the stamp "Essential Service".

We know and empathize with the people involved on both sides of the current civic dispute. Everyone in Vancouver is affected by it in one way or another. We know in time, with communication, it will be solved and harmony will be restored. In the meantime, when things heat up, think about the Jericho Sailing Centre-a stress release in times of stress is essentially what the Doctor ordered. Take two launches and call me in the morning.

Fair winds,
Dr. Mike, Salt Water Therapist

PS. Shouldn't garbage collection be included as an "Essential Service" in the interest of public health? And as much as I love our friendly neighbourhood beach lifeguards: Gary, David, Zeke, Michael, Dave, Craig, etc., why does their season only run from Victoria Day Weekend to Labour Day when they are considered an "Essential Service"? Does the BC Labour Relations Board not realize that people swim in the sea outside of this period?

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